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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do you believe....in fairies????

Do you believe in fairies?? I hope so. The world is full of stress and heartache....but not in the fairy world!! I have been "fairy gardening" for years and years....way before it was "in"!! I have loved herbs and flowers and studied their meanings....and the magic they possess. A fairy garden is just, naturally, the next step! Now....the term "fairy garden" is open to interpretation. For some....it means lots of "fairy" accessories in their existing garden. I am fine with that...(and you can find lots and lots of GREAT accessories at Sweet Memories....just saying!! :)) but, if you want to, you can take it to the next level. Basically, in the magical world, fairies love, and care for, flowers and herbs...( there are some tree fairies, too....but we can talk about that later :)...) so all you have to do is plant a garden. However....there are some flowers and herbs that will ENSURE that the fairies will come to live in your yard....that's what this "class" will be all about!! In each "class" I will talk about two or three different flowers or herbs....and why they are fairy favorites....and discuss their magical properties. I will, also, tell you what to look for in your search for the fairies, themselves. For example....they love a good party!! Have you ever noticed the shells of seeds and nuts all together in one spot?? You probably found the remnants of a fairy feast!! And....they use spider webs to hang their washing to dry.....ever spotted a leaf or a flower petal stuck in a spider web?? Hmmm....coincidence??? I don't think so!!! :):):) I hope you will "follow" me and join in on this magical fun. I can guarantee you won't find any stress here.....fairies..yes....but no stress!! And....if you have any comments or questions....please feel free to post them on here....I will be happy to answer them! Stay tuned for the next class....and come prepared to take notes....you don't want to miss anything!!! Have a great night!! :):):)

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