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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Fairy Garden Adventure......

Happy May!!! Are you ready for some gardening?? If you have "liked" my Sweet Memories Facebook page....you know that I have another page....devoted to the "1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween" Fall and Halloween Event held on the 1st Saturday in October. You also know that I have come up with a, somewhat, Halloween-y subject to talk about on THAT blog for the next couple of months. (I want to talk about the event... to keep everyone excited about it....but I don't  want to go on and on about the "planning" stuff....) Well....I realized that, while the idea of a "magic garden" is alluring....there is another side to it that is equally so!! The meanings and uses of herbs is a passion of mine....but so is Fairy Gardening. So....I have decided to make this a duel project. You can "follow" this blog to learn all about Fairy Gardens....and you can "follow" my other blog to learn all about magical gardens....they do go hand in hand, after all!! Now....I will give it my very best....as far as keeping up with the writing of these blogs....but please have patience with me!! :) I am, still, teaching classes (a lot of prep work...) running our business, taking care of both the garden at the shop...and here at home, attending the 1803 House meetings....and squeezing time in for my family!! But, I would like to encourage you to "follow" both of my blogs....and take notes!! If you have ANY interest in these subjects....I will guarantee to get you "hooked" in no time!! Please feel free to post questions or comments....and get those garden muscles ready....we are going to have some fun!!

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