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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Fairy World awaits.....

"When the first baby laughed for the very first time, The laugh broke into a thousand pieces, And they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies."-- Sir James M. Barrie, Peter Pan. ..........Are your pencils sharp.... notebooks at the ready??? Here we go.....
          This is a picture of my "portable" Fairy Garden from last Summer. As you can see....it is quite "decorated"...furniture, an arbor, a birdhouse, wheelbarrow, watering can, fence....and, like I said in the last class...if that is as far as you go in the making of your fairy garden...that's fine. You will have created a miniature world full of whimsy that makes you happy....and that is the goal. But....there is so much more to Fairy Gardening. This garden is full of herbs....which all have meanings and magical qualities. As I said before...the fairies love all living plants. But, there are a few that are their particular favorites....like thyme and foxglove. Thyme....they dance in the thyme on Midsummer's Eve. I always make sure I have plenty in my Fairy Garden (there is some in the garden pictured here!!!) Thyme is used to promote health and healing, it is used in love potions and it means courage. Foxglove is a favorite flower of the fairies....they use it in their wardrobe!! They wear the bell shaped flowers as hats....and if you look real closely....the tiny little dots inside of the flowers are fairy fingerprints!! I would recommend these two plants as an excellent start to your fairy garden....and I would, also, recommend that you look around for miniature decorations for your garden. Those are the things that make it "enchanted"....and that's what we are striving for here....I mean...let's face it....the world could use a little more enchantment!! I will be back, soon, for another installment of our adventure into the world of Fairies....in the meantime....go buy some thyme....;););)

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