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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Neglecting for the greater good.....

Oh my....again!! I really don't mean to fall so far behind on my blogging duties....really I don't!!! May is a very intense month in my world. Mother's day is THE busiest day in the restaurant world....hands down. It is, also, the "get those gardens in shape and get your planting done or you will miss the boat" month!!!And.... May is the "deadline" month for a lot of my really important gift shop orders. I have to have my Halloween candy order in....my "pre-sell" Christmas candy and my candy cane order in as well!! I also try to have my "most important" Halloween merchandise order in or I am likely to hear....no, that's out of stock...when I finally do get around to it!! On top of all of that....I need to take a really good look at where my "holes" are (usually from Mother's Day and the "I want my garden to look gorgeous" sales :):):)) and see what I can do to fill them up....and all of my reps want to get the Fall-Halloween and Christmas orders in....oh, and then we had the classes, too!!! Like I said....May is VERY intense!! I am happy to report, though, that the orders are in,(even the all important candy:) ) and I have met with all of my reps....we have amazing merchandise on it's way...some to make your home and garden a great place to relax this Summer and some to help you make this Fall and Halloween....and Christmas....the best one yet!!! I have a Summertime/ Nostalgia candy order in route as we speak....and some really fun new things for "right now" will get here soon....things that I am VERY excited about!!! I will keep you posted....I promise!!! I just wanted you to know that I am "neglecting" you for the greater good....and you WILL thank me later!! All of you "nesters" and collectors and Holiday fanatics.....I have your back!!! Stop in and see us soon....you DON"T want to miss anything!!!! :):):)

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