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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Almost there.....

How can we possibly be in the MIDDLE of June already???? I know the first, official, day of Summer isn't even here yet....but it FEELS like half of the Summer is gone. And we are still working on the projects outside. On the one hand....that makes me feel very behind....but, on the other hand, I don't sit well and I enjoy having things to do and keeping busy. The "problem" here is, really, the same one I find myself faced with in the Fall and during the Holidays.....I want to enjoy all of the work!!! I want to take my morning coffee outside and sit in the pool house watching the birds and admiring the flowers....I can't do that if I see 10 things that still need to be done before I will be happy!! I have no problem with the maintenance....that's a given...it's all of the "projects" that need to be done before I can enjoy the surroundings!! Oh well....we ARE getting there!!! My husband has re-built the floor portion of the front porch....and it looks great! Now...the rest of that project involves old porch posts and the "fun" kind of building that he loves to do....(and a few creative touches that I have thrown into the mix)....so he is looking forward to that "work". We have, also, been working in the pool house. Cleaning, re-arranging etc. I made the burlap curtains on Monday....in a very pretty green....so that's done. I have a few more things to plant....pots that "decorate" the space....and there is a little painting to do.....but, now, it's mostly decorating....and that's the fun part!! All of the flowers are planted, the tomatoes that I sprinkle into the herb garden are doing well, my pumpkins are all up, the peaches are getting big, the apple trees are happy....like I said...we are getting there!! We will be taking a few days "off" around the 4th of July....and I am looking forward to spending it in the yard.....hopefully all of the big projects will be taken care of and I will be able to take some time to smell the roses....literally!!! Have a great Father's Day weekend....it looks like it's gonna be a beaut!!!!

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