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Monday, June 4, 2012

The bright side.....

I think THIS is the only kind of weather that we did NOT experience, today!! One minute the sun was out....and it was warm....then the clouds would take over and the wind would pick up...and it was, actually, chilly....then rain....and then it would start all over again!! I was determined to get all the rest of my planting done, today. The weather has not been cooperating with my plans for weeks....and I feel VERY behind. I had planned to go to the garden center and pick up the rest of what I needed and then spend the day putting the finishing touches on our yard. I was really looking forward to this....our yard is like our daily mini vacation spot....it's where we unwind from the stresses of the day. I love to work in my gardens....and I love knowing that they are waiting for me when I get home from work. Of course....as has been the pattern of late....things didn't go quite as planned!! Not only did the weather challenge me....but I started the day feeling drained....and that's not good when you have so much to do!! This was a VERY trying week. I'm not going to go into details....I would prefer to put it all behind me...I will say, however, that I realized at some point, over the weekend, that today was the full moon!! That should be enough said!! Sunday was, particularly, trying....and I decided not to serve dinner. I don't do that. I take my commitments and my responsibilities very, very seriously.....but the week had taken it's toll....and I decided to call it a day!! I took the opportunity to go to visit a friend's farmstand. We have very similar hours...so I don't get over there as much as I would like. I wandered around....picking up some of the plants I needed for my planting marathon, today...and pondered the guilt I was feeling for not serving Sunday Supper. I, also, stewed....just a little....about the difficulties of the week. Then... I spent a few minutes talking with my friend (who owns the farmstand....) That rain we had the other night did some damage to their inventory (washed some of it AWAY!!!!) and they had to take time (which no small business owner has enough of to begin with...) to repair the sales area. Two seconds after she told me all that the rain had done....she gave me a list of what could have happened....but didn't....and finished with "the sales area looks better than it has in a long time" because they had to repair it!! I told her I loved the "find the bright side" attitude....and she said "when you own your own business...you HAVE to find the bright side"....and that is so true!! When you own your own business....your heart has to be in it every day. There is no one to pick up the slack if you are having a bad day (or week!!!). So....today....I planted, in spite of the rain, and persevered. And, tomorrow.....there will be a bright side, again.....and my heart will be in my work. Now....that said.....I would appreciate if it would stop raining....so I can enjoy my yard. Those daily mini vacations are a necessity!!!!

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