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Saturday, June 16, 2012

technical difficulties.....

OK Blogger Friends....I am going to ask for your patience...I am working on technical difficulties!! I would love to be able to "blog" more often....so I would love to be able to write them at work (not that I have a whole lot of "free" time....but a minute or two in the afternoons is all that would be necessary!!) But I can't figure out how to access my photo library on my Ipad....I, also, can't email myself pictures, all of a sudden...so I can't use new ones on here when I write this at home. So I wrote the Blog below...on the Ipad (from this very spot!!) but I couldn't use a picture. And this is a picture of the pool house....from last year....because I can't email myself new ones!! You can see the dilemma....I will give this my undivided attention as soon as possible....and with a little luck...have some new pictures to show you, and more blogs for you to read, more often, sent to you from the corner of the shop (the one with the "most bars" :):):)) Stay tuned!!!

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