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Monday, June 25, 2012

Treasure Hunting.....

Re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose.....today's catch phrases. No one recycled 20 years ago....just like most of us didn't, usually, bother to put our seat belts on. But times have changed....and now EVERYONE is recycling (which is good...) but the "re-use and re-purpose" trend has really taken off, too!! Personally....I have been re-purposing for years....and years and years!!! I don't follow trends....I do my own thing.....and I have ALWAYS liked the idea of using something in a new way. For example....I have cupboards in my house made of old doors and shutters. I hang old wooden boxes and use them for shelves. I stack little antique footstools and use them for my books. I think I have ALWAYS re-purposed in my garden. I love the way flowers look in old buckets. I love rusty old metal containers. I love to use fun and unexpected things that make you say....oh, look that's a .......(fill in the blank....) I have flowers planted in wheelbarrows, cream separators, chicken feeders and sap buckets. I use old ladders, screen doors, window frames and egg baskets for all kinds of things....my husband even made my garden gate out of old garden tools! I am thrilled that this is finally "catching on".....these things deserve a second look....a new lease on life!! Not only are we saving some room in the "land-almost-fulls" but we are adding lots of personality to our homes and gardens. Anyone can have perfectly clipped hedges and a row of flowers lining their walkway.....but it takes someone with an artistic eye and a thirst for uniqueness to turn an old enamel pot into a planter for flowers!! This time of year, with all of the flea markets and yard sales, is the perfect time to go searching for YOUR style!! It's out there....right now....waiting for you!! Maybe even in someone's trash....you know what they say...one man's trash is another man's treasure....go treasure hunting....it's the "in" thing!!!

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