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Monday, July 30, 2012

We all dream.....

We all dream. We sit in the house on a cold, blustery day and dream of our garden in Spring. We look at pictures in magazines and dream of a perfect kitchen or bath. We dream of Norman Rockwell-like Family gatherings and Christmas card inspiring Holidays. And....we dream of long, beautiful Summer Days spent in a spot just like this....the breezes rustling through the trees, the birds singing....the smell of roses in the air!! Yes....we all dream. And then....reality!! We are very close to saying goodbye to July. Actually...we are close to saying goodbye to the Summer of 2012 all together.....and I can't wait!!!!!! By the time August rolls around I am thinking about Fall. Well....I am MORE than thinking Fall....I am creating it. I gather my thoughts....and all of the new merchandise that I cannot wait to unveil....and get to work. But....this time of year....I am, also, thinking about Christmas. What I have, already, gotten in....what is still coming....where to put it and what themes to use in each of the rooms in the gift shop.When I start to think about all of that....I start to think about organizing....(when things are not organized I get a little crazy....and I can't think about anything else) and, usually, when I think about organizing....I think about rearranging (they kinda go hand in hand) and then comes the "are we efficient enough" thoughts...and then the "how can we be more efficient" thoughts. Just like Mother Nature has her seasons....so does running a business!! I know how hot and humid it is....(I work in front of an oven all day....believe me I know...) and I know that all of you are still looking forward to the rest of the Summer....perhaps dreaming of at least a few days in a spot just like this....but I am moving on. I have things to do....organizing, rearranging, planning, decorating, creating..... I just want to say....goodbye July....hello HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

In the Good Old Summertime.....

Ahhh.....the good old Summertime!! Remember when you were a kid? The promise that Summer held? So many days of freedom....and fun!! Sunny days and firefly lit nights. Picnics and bike rides.....swimming and playing....so much excitement!! WHAT HAPPENED????? I cannot WAIT for this Summer to be over!!! Has global warming really made it so much hotter.....or don't you care when you're a kid??? I am so sick of this heat and humidity....the constant need for air-conditioning....the constant watering....the constant exhaustion!!!! If I hear it once....I hear it a hundred times a day....I am so done with this Summer!!!! Bring on the cool air, the changing leaves, the pumpkins, the Halloween.decorations!!! I want to bake apple pies and witch's finger cookies!! Heck.....I want to feel like baking....instead of dreading turning the oven on!!!! I have already received some of the new Fall and Halloween merchandise....and I am expecting more any day....and I can't wait!! Usually, this time of year, we are checking all of the orders....pricing them and taking them home to store them until "revealing" day. That day that I put aside to work 12 plus hours and get all of the "spookiness" ready for your enjoyment....this year?? I am very tempted to bypass the storage.....and head right for the reveal!! The words "already" and "rushing"...keep popping into my thoughts....but....I am not sure I care!!!!! And....I'm not sure you guys do, either!! Ohhhh....to be a kid, again.....to love those lazy, hazy days of Summer!! Naaaaahhh.....bring on Fall!!!