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Thursday, July 26, 2012

In the Good Old Summertime.....

Ahhh.....the good old Summertime!! Remember when you were a kid? The promise that Summer held? So many days of freedom....and fun!! Sunny days and firefly lit nights. Picnics and bike rides.....swimming and playing....so much excitement!! WHAT HAPPENED????? I cannot WAIT for this Summer to be over!!! Has global warming really made it so much hotter.....or don't you care when you're a kid??? I am so sick of this heat and humidity....the constant need for air-conditioning....the constant watering....the constant exhaustion!!!! If I hear it once....I hear it a hundred times a day....I am so done with this Summer!!!! Bring on the cool air, the changing leaves, the pumpkins, the Halloween.decorations!!! I want to bake apple pies and witch's finger cookies!! Heck.....I want to feel like baking....instead of dreading turning the oven on!!!! I have already received some of the new Fall and Halloween merchandise....and I am expecting more any day....and I can't wait!! Usually, this time of year, we are checking all of the orders....pricing them and taking them home to store them until "revealing" day. That day that I put aside to work 12 plus hours and get all of the "spookiness" ready for your enjoyment....this year?? I am very tempted to bypass the storage.....and head right for the reveal!! The words "already" and "rushing"...keep popping into my thoughts....but....I am not sure I care!!!!! And....I'm not sure you guys do, either!! Ohhhh....to be a kid, again.....to love those lazy, hazy days of Summer!! Naaaaahhh.....bring on Fall!!!

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