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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Little Bittersweet.....

It's right around the corner....you know that, right??? Fall is in the air...and I must admit....I find that a little bittersweet (did you see how sneaky I was just then....) I have NOT enjoyed this Summer....especially because of what I do....but, now that it is bearable outside...actually beautiful once in a while....I am going to be sorry to see it go!!! We have been working on getting our poolhouse....our daily mini vacation spot....just right. We put the finishing touches on it on Monday!! The gardens are coming back, now that we have had some rain, and the sun isn't burning everything!! It's actually enjoyable, again, to work in them!! But....I LOVE Fall....and I am excited for it to get here!! The transformation to "Halloween Heaven" upstairs in our gift shops is almost complete....there are still things on their way....but that just keeps the inventory fresh....and keeps you guys shopping!! The bulk of the job is done. I have started to sneak a little pumpkin and apple into the bakery case, here and there, and NO ONE seems to mind (actually....I can't seem to keep up with it!! ;)!!) I am nudging Fall into the spotlight....but it, truthfully, is getting there all by itself!! You can feel a difference in the air....even on very warm days....it's not as bad as it was (thank God!!!) We were discussing when we are going to decorate,for Halloween, here at home....and my husband scheduled the pool closing!! Yes....it's right around the corner!!! Enjoy these last few weeks....but...as soon as you're ready to embrace the change....Sweet Memories is waiting for you....with some AMAZING Fall and Halloween merchandise!!! Even some "bittersweet" ;) !!!!

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