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Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding home....

We are approaching an anniversary of sorts in our family. We have lived in the same house for almost 28 years. For me...that's a very important thing. I come from a long line of...for lack of a better word....nomads. No one knew how to stay put....put down roots. I lived in 5 or 6 houses....that I can remember...by the time I was 17. I have no "childhood home"....except in my memory. I knew this was "the house" the moment I saw it. My husband had a very different opinion. We had been looking for a house...that would become "home" for a while. I think I was driving the realtor crazy. I wasn't looking for a "starter home"....I was looking for THE home. THE home where we would put down roots. I wasn't, at all, interested in staying for a little while....and moving on....I wanted a place where we could stay forever. The first time we walked in the front door....my husband turned and said..."no". I smiled and said...."oh...yes"!! It was in need of some TLC...that's for sure....but I could "see" what it would look like when we were done. It was vacant when we bought it...and the owner allowed us to get in and work on it before settlement. We bought it in October....and moved in just in time for Christmas. We, literally, painted every square inch of the inside. We fixed windows, caulked, scrubbed, built things....and we have been doing all of those things ever since!! It's an old farmhouse....so it needs to be loved A LOT....but I have never, ever, regretted the decision to buy it!! It is home. THE home. It's the "childhood home" for all 3 of our kids....a place where they belong. It is FULL of all of our "sweet" memories. All of the Christmas cookie baking and Christmas mornings, Halloween costumes and pumpkin carvings, Easter egg decorating and baskets full of chocolate, birthday parties and Thanksgivings, swimming and picnics, first days of school and homework, prom pictures in the garden....and, next summer, a wedding. I know the world is full of different people with different ideas....it is, after all, what makes it go around. I don't begrudge the part of the population that likes to move around....but I am VERY happy to stay put!! I am very happy that I have roots....and that, 28 years ago, we found "home".

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