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Monday, October 8, 2012

busy, busy,,,,and thank you, thank you!!!

I am always busy....and I like it that way. But, I have been EXTRA busy lately. Well....more like extra, Extra, EXTRA busy. I am on the committee for the 1803 House:A Very Merrie Halloween. We hold this event on the grounds of the 1803 House to raise money for the restoration and preservation of the house. This whole thing was my idea....but I didn't really plan on being this involved. I am sure that sounds a little weird....and maybe even unbelievable....but, it's true. I "pitched" the idea at one of the board meetings and thought that they would run with it.~~~ Generally speaking....I am not, usually, "looking" for something. You know...that "what's in it for me" thing that, I think, is pretty "normal"....all I really wanted was a cool, unique and unusual (and those last two words are the important ones here...) "something" going on around our shop that I could "get behind" and be proud to send people to....I wasn't looking for ANOTHER full time job!! Really. I am an "idea" person...and I can, literally, "see" things...how they should look when they are done...so I guess I am not all THAT surprised that I am THIS involved in this event (I know my family isn't....they seemed to expect it from the beginning!!!) but I really have a lot on my plate!! Planning and executing this event is just like running a business. Granted...it is a business that is only "open" for 5 hours one day a year....but it is still a business!! I have networked and networked like I have never had to do for my REAL business!! But....I am very pleased with all that has been accomplished so far!! This past weekend was our second annual "Very Merrie Halloween"....and it went well!!! There were glitches...more than I would have liked...and things that NEED to be addressed...but, all in all, it went well....and I would like to take a moment to thank a few people. I have AMAZING family and friends....AMAZING!!!! There is NO way that I could have accomplished all that I did, on Saturday, without them!!! My oldest daughter and her significant other ran MY stand at the event...then my youngest daughter's fiance joined them to help...and both of the guys helped me to judge the apple pie contest!! My youngest daughter was my right AND left hand at the shop when I couldn't be there (I was back and forth between both places all day...) and my husband did it all....built the candy cart, the Witch, ran load after load up to the house.....thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We had a haunted gingerbread house workshop...and all of the ladies that built houses brought them to the event to be displayed....and enjoyed....and then came back and picked them up when it was over!!! You guys are the best!! Half of the craft artists (and the farm stand owners)are close friends of mine who signed on because I asked them to!! (luckily...they keep RE-signing on!!!!  :)) the pumpkins that were decorated in the kids tent were arranged for by someone I have been friends with longer than either of us want to admit to...the bottled water was donated by friends of ours....and most of the cool stuff that was going on in the kids tent was from the imagination of another friend!! Then, of course, we have all of my customers (aka family) who attended!!!  I am tired...still....and pretty sure I will be for a while!! I am going over and over all of the things that need to be addressed...but the thing I am thinking about the most?? How lucky I am to have all of you!! Thank You, again!! ~~~~~NOW....about next year.....

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