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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How can it be the middle of October?????

I can't believe it's the middle of October. How did this happen?? I'll tell you how it happened....I couldn't wait for it to get here!! That's what always happens...the things you look forward to the most....are over the quickest!! It seems like I just decorated the house for Fall and Halloween....and now I know that I only have a few short weeks left  to spend with my beloved Halloween collection. Before I am ready....it will be time to take it all down and pack it away!! I must tell you, though....as hard as it is for me to believe that we are halfway through this month....it's even harder to believe that I am starting to get excited about CHRISTMAS!!! As sad as I will be to see my witches and pumpkins and skeletons get packed up....I can't wait to see all of the my Santas and gingerbread and blown glass ornaments. Crazy right?? I lay at least part of the blame on pinterest. I have been looking for Christmas images for my pinterest page....and it all looks so cozy and inviting...it just makes you want to get out the mittens and sleds!!

  I spend my whole life in a "different" time zone than the rest of the world, already....(for example...I ordered Valentine and Easter candy this afternoon!!) and I know that a large portion of the population groans and grumbles about the department stores "rushing" Christmas. So, please understand, I am NOT trying to rush anything!! I want to live in the moment....I want to enjoy the pumpkins and the apples....the Fall color and the chill in the air, trick-or-treat and the Halloween specials on TV. I really, really do!! But....I have to admit....I have been humming Christmas songs. I have, also, been day dreaming about how to decorate our new porch for the Holidays....I mean...should we go simple and country....or light up the neighborhood?? See what I mean?? But, really....there is no harm in THINKING (and humming...) Christmas....right??? Hmmmmmm........I think I'll go get some apple cider and look for a Halloween special on TV....that should bring me back to the "right here and now".....oh....I saw this great idea....they hung a wreath on a birdhouse!! It was SO pretty and festive...I pinned it on my pinterest page if you want to check it out....we wish you a Merry Christmas...hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm!!!!

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