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Friday, November 2, 2012

Some week......

This has been some week!!!

One, frankly, that I would like to put behind us....so I am moving on!!

All of us are different. We have different tastes in music, art, home decor, food....we like different things...hobbies, vacation destinations, cars....but, in some ways, we are all the same. We need to feel safe. Nothing takes that safe feeling away faster than Mother Nature. You are told and told again to "prepare"....and most of us do. We buy the food and the water....the ice and the batteries. We bring the lawn furniture in, take the birdfeeders down, move the cars away from the trees and clean out the gutters (again....) but, the bottom line is....this just makes you "feel" prepared. There was nothing that all of those New Jersey communities could have done to "prepare" for what they are going through. Most of the people got out....and that was about all they COULD do.
            For me...my house is my haven. It is where I feel safe....until the power goes out. Without power we have no lights, no TV and no hot water....but we also have no heat, no sump pump and no connection to the outside world. While you are experiencing these....let's be honest MINOR inconveniences.....you feel like you will, surely, go insane. But....then the power comes back....and you can think clearly, and you get warm, and you realize....that by some HUGE stroke of luck....the lack of sump pump wasn't even an issue (not ONE drop of water in the basement!!!) and then you turn on the TV and you have service to all of your devices again....and you see how very, very, very lucky we were!!!
            I, for one, am looking forward to things getting back to normal. I want my busy, busy routine. And, at the end of the day, I want to come home to my warm, SAFE, house. But....I will NOT forget how very close we came to not having that luxury....and I am going to be very thankful, each and every day that everything that is important to me is safe and sound.....and keep all of those people, who cannot say the same, in my thoughts and prayers. (I am, also, going to try to convince myself that the "rudeness" I am encountering in people is actually frustration....because that will make me feel a little better!!!)
            I am, also....moving on!! It helps me to think about something else....so I have chosen Christmas!! I would appreciate if you would refrain from any judgement. I really DON'T want to hear that it's too early....because I wholeheartedly disagree!! I think we need a little Christmas...the light, the hope, the kindness, the giving.....and, yes, the candy canes!! Whatever we can do to make us smile!! I'm not going to put the Christmas CDs on at the shop....just yet....but I think I will play them in the car!! And, just in case you are on board with me...there are some Christmas movies on TV this weekend.....providing of course...you have your power back. If not....find a friend who does....we need a little Christmas NOW!!!!!

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