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Monday, December 17, 2012

Grown up Christmas.....

Just one more week....that's all....just one more week!! I am ready...are you?? I mean...I still have to wrap...but that's OK. We are going to go and "finish up" today....a few more more special surprises. I have to get our gingerbread house done (a train station because my Grandson LOVES trains!!) that's on my list for tomorrow. Our "real tree" needs to be decorated....but we do that on Christmas Eve...to continue the tradition of Santa Claus decorating the tree. I want to bake some Christmas cookies for MY family...but that will have to wait until I am done baking them for all of you...but I am OK with that, too....it's how it's always been. But....I am ready.~~~ It's funny how Christmas changes. I mean...this year....like last...is calm. The kids are all grown and in relationships. So our family has expanded. And we have our Grandson....which puts the "kid" back into our Christmas....but that's not how it has changed. When your kids grow up....Christmas grows up, too. There are no more letters to Santa with a wishlist a mile long (you are on your own!!) No running around trying to find the latest toy...no long nights putting it together!! No constant questions about "how much longer until Christmas gets here"....or questions about Santa Claus. No plays, or concerts...or those "shopping" days at school. I would be lying if I said I didn't miss all of that...those were some of our very, very best Christmases. But these "new" grown up Christmases are wonderful, too. As long as we can all be together...and enjoy the Holiday and each others company (and I have a fun and lively bunch...you can't help it!!!) it will always be a wonderful Christmas...but, today, I am thinking about all of those families in Connecticut who are going through hell. They will not have any of the things I miss either....but not because their kids are grown.~~~ Make the most of every Holiday with your family...make the most of every DAY with your family....because they are all a gift. Yes, I am ready....I think a little sharing, caring and hope are in order...and then, maybe, a little "change you would like to see in the world" thrown in, too....hey...now there's a great....PRODUCTIVE....New Years resolution!!!!

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