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Monday, December 31, 2012

The perfect tree....the perfect ornament....

Can you see it?? It's in there...right there...hiding in the branches of the Christmas tree. Can you see it??

I love....LOVE...finding the perfect Christmas tree...but if I can find one that a little bird has loved too....loved enough to call it home....then it really IS perfect!!

Folklore tells us that finding a bird's nest in your Christmas tree means good luck and prosperity for the coming year!! This is, actually, the second time we have found a tree with a bird's nest in it...I kept that one...and I will add this one to my collection, too!!

I am going to be very sad when we take the tree(s) down. We are going to do it on Wednesday morning....and then I am going to the shop and do some sprucing up!! We spent some time at the shop, today....took the tree in the dining room down...fixed the garland over the bakery case....took all of the Christmas down from the fireplace in the dining room and redecorated it for the Winter season....and my husband braved the bitter cold and packed away all of the Christmas lights, outside, and replaced them with the "Winter" lights!!! It is always so bittersweet....I hate to see the Christmas get packed away but there is something very energizing about the redecorating process.

So....Wednesday morning...we will take each of the well loved ornaments off of the tree....wrap them carefully and, probably, do a little reminiscing. Each and every ornament has a story to tell and a special "sweet" memory to go with it!! But after everything is packed....and before we take the tree outside....I will carefully remove the nest and add it to my decorations. I have to say...as much as I love all of our Christmas ornaments I think, this year, this one was my favorite!! I hope that the folklore is right....and that the coming year brings good luck and prosperity....not just for me and my family....but for all of you as well!!

"Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance ~~ each beautiful, unique and too soon gone."

Out with the old....and in with the new...

                                                   Happy New Year!!!!

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