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Monday, January 14, 2013

Do I dare???

The Holidays are just a memory...the decorations are all packed up, safe and sound, until next year. No more cookies to bake, gifts to buy and wrap, errands to run....and it's not quite time to start all of those outside projects you want to get done. So....it should be time to curl up with a hot cup of tea and a great book....right????

NOT in my world!!!!

Every January.....without fail....I get the itch. You know....the re-decorating itch!! Sometimes it bites me at home...sometimes it bites at the shop....sometimes it's a tiny little itch, just a small project (or two or three)....sometimes it's a HUGE, somewhat uncontrolled, sweep the whole place (or...and this one is my family's worse nightmare...BOTH home AND the shop :) !!!!) and change lots and lots of things right....this....second!!!!!!

The way I choose to decorate my home is strictly personal. The way I choose to decorate the shop will be seen...and shared...by an awful lot of people!!! I have had a few ideas rolling around in my head ever since I bought all of the new fiesta plates for the restaurant. It probably seems like THAT should not have been a big deal...but everyone has opinions. Although...on occasion..they do NOT need to be shared, people think they should!! For the most part....the dishes have been equally loved by everyone. There are a few who have (and even continue to...) commented on the fact that the cups are smaller...but, all in all, it has been a popular choice. Not all of them are.

We are still referred to as a "tea house".....which we are not. We still have men who are uncomfortable....and I am not really sure why....we still, occasionally, have someone who wants a "diner menu" for Sunday Brunch....which isn't going to happen. The decision to NOT be a "tea house" was mine....the decision to paint the walls yellow and handpaint the whimsical flowers on them was mine too (luckily...we have lots and lots of men who can get past the fact that we do not have television sets and beer....and I think they are all rewarded for their "bravery" when their food comes....;)!!) and, as far as the Sunday Brunch menu goes, the decision NOT to serve the kind of food you can get EVERYWHERE was mine, too...let's just leave that there.

But, the ideas I have....rolling around in my head...are pretty bold. Do I dare?? I want all of you to be comfortable...to feel at home....when you come to see us. I think one of my favorite compliments is when you tell me that "just walking in the front door makes me happy"....all of the colors and whimsy that we have incorporated into the decor was for that reason and that reason alone....so knowing that you "get it" means SO much to me!! I think that all of my ideas for re-decorating will just turn it up a notch....make it even more whimsical...and make all of you even happier!! But, the question remains, do I dare??

You know what??? YES!!

The bottom line...while I want to make everyone that walks through the front door...happy...NO one can please EVERYONE. And I am OK with that!! I have a vision for MY shop. I have a vision for the atmosphere, the color scheme, the food we serve and the merchandise we carry. And, right now, I have a vision for a few re-decorating projects. I am excited....and I hope you will be too!! I am about 99% sure I am going to order THOSE patterns, the "other" order is in and will be ready soon enough, the paint is on the roller....and here we go!!!!

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