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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking forward....

It is hard to believe that two weeks ago....just two short weeks....we were getting ready to enjoy Christmas day!! All of the preparation and hard work, the excitement and anticipation....and it was over in a blink of the eye!! I really wasn't looking forward to taking our Christmas decorations and collectibles down and packing them away....they are loved and become part of the house...but, now that the job is done, I am happy!!
        The house is clean (and feels bigger...hahaha...) and now my snowmen, snowflakes and Valentine's Day decorations and collectibles have center stage!!
         Everything has it's time to shine....and by the time the next season rolls around I will be MORE than happy to pack all of the Winter away....because we will be making room for the Spring and Easter!! It's impossible to feel sad about that!!
          As important as it is, especially with all of us multitasking and trying to do too much, to live in the moment and enjoy "right now"....it is equally important to look forward to things. Big things....like birthdays and anniversaries...and the little things...like going out to lunch and shopping with a friend (to Sweet Memories of course!!!) Holidays...all of them...are a great thing to look forward to...too!! They make us happy. There is something very uplifting about planning little surprises for the people we love...chocolate cookies for Valentine's Day, "Green" food for St. Patrick's Day, Easter egg hunts....just thinking about them puts a smile on your face!!
         Yes, I was...and always am...sad to see Christmas go. But I am looking forward to the next round of Holidays....and I am planning...not only the surprises for my own family....but the surprises for all of our Sweet Memories family, too!! Great new menu ideas, fun and delicious goodies for the bakery case, wonderful new candy and gourmet food items and Holiday merchandise!!
          I know it's January...and it's cold and gets dark early...but there is SO much to enjoy...and look forward to!!!

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