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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Garden Fantasies.....

Tea with Alice.....does it get any better than that?? We went to the Philadelphia Flower Show, yesterday. This year the theme was "brilliant"....because we were in England!! Of course....there are things that you expect to see....the yellow submarine, a British phone booth, something from Hogwarts, a little Beatrix Potter....but somewhere along the line you realize that no matter what the theme is...you are there for the fantasy!! Everyone who gardens starts the season with a fantasy. Perfect flowers, perfect weather, no bugs, no pests, no weeds...but, of course, reality sets in!! You find yourself watering and watering because it's just not raining enough. That flower that you wanted more than anything doesn't like where you put it. Those strawberries that you worked so hard to grow were much appreciated by the birds!! And, no matter how much you weed....they are always a few steps ahead of you!! When we go to these flower shows....we are looking for ideas....we are most definitely looking for Spring....but we are also looking for the "perfection"....for just a few minutes we get to live out our fantasy and see what the garden would look like if everything were healthy, where we wanted it, weed free and blooming...all at the same time!!!
Oh Yes....I would love to have tea here!!!

But....it's Tuesday....the day after the show...and...it's back to reality. We came home with a lot of pictures, some great new ideas....and a new Gnome for my "magic" garden!! Around here...it is, without question,  still Winter.....too cold to be outside even for a little clean-up....nothing is blooming (although....I see my daffodils!!!!) and, we all know, perfection is out of reach....but it doesn't stop us from dreaming....and it will never stop us from fantasizing!!!

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