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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How does your Garden grow??........

Just a few days to go!! And then.....SPRING!!!
Are you a Gardener?? If you answered "yes" to that question then you know what a wonderful....and yet frustrating...time of year this is!! Your mind is racing....you have BIG plans...you want to move this, rebuild that, add the other thing....but, most of all, you want to go plant shopping!!! But, the bottom line...it's too early!! We have had a couple of "teaser" days....days that were warm enough to get a little clean up done. But, let's be honest, although we know all of that HAS to get done....it's just not curing the Spring fever!!

So....let's try to distract ourselves!!~~~ What KIND of gardener are you?? Flowers, herbs, vegetables.....all of the above?? Do you have a big space...a small space...pots on the patio?? All of it qualifies!! Some people assume if you say "my garden" that you are referring to a plot with straight lines full of tomatoes, peppers and carrots....and that IS a garden!! But....so is a bed full of roses. A border of iris. Marigolds lining your front walkway. The pots full of hummingbird flowers on your porch.~~ These pictures are of my herb garden....just one section of my "garden". I have roses, old-fashioned flowers, flowers for hummingbirds and butterflies, woodland shade lovers, magical plants and flowers (in my magic/fairy gardens...) and lots and lots of herbs!! It is my hobby, it is our "vacation" spot, consumes all of my "free time"....and I love it!!

Now...my next question is.....HOW does your garden grow?? What is your style?? I like controlled chaos!!! Everything has a place....and a reason for being where it is....but then I like the beds to be full and "natural"....I don't use hedge trimmers....I prune by hand. I have no problem with things that self seed....although I DO get pretty aggressive with invasive and uninvited guests....and I move things if they have taken up residence where I don't want them....and I don't have "rows" of anything!! I am, also, a firm believer in "decorating" the garden. As much as we want visitors to see our plants...and all of our hard work....the periodic disruption that focal points add MAKE your garden and give you the opportunity to show your personality! The new "flea market" gardening trend is really popular right now (of course....we have been doing it for 20 years...) reuse, recycle, re-purpose...but anything that speaks to you...and adds some of YOUR personality makes your garden special!!

Because I am so passionate about my own garden...I spend a lot of time trying to find wonderful things (to carry in our gift shops) that will make YOUR garden the talk of the neighborhood!! And....the orders are starting to show up!! This is ALMOST as exciting as plant shopping!! Fairies and gnomes, bird feeders and bird baths, decorative thermometers, rain gauges, plant stakes, bird houses, mushrooms, signs....even the lock and keys to the secret garden!! I sure hope that you plan a visit (actually...more than one would be a good idea!!) with us this season!! There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing you with a "treasure" that makes you smile!! I would love to hear about your garden plans, see pictures of your treasures in their new homes....and maybe even swap a few tips. While all of us might have different styles and ideas about our gardens, we do have one thing in common....we LOVE to talk about them!!! I'm right....aren't I?? :) Please feel to leave a comment below....or post some pictures on Facebook....I would love to know..."How does your garden grow"!!!!

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