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Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking UP!!!!!!

I am an optimistic person. I try to deal, immediately, with whatever problems come my way....and try NOT to dwell on negative thoughts (or people) any longer than necessary. It is a very helpful....perhaps even essential...asset when you own a business (and have to deal with the public)...but it is beneficial in every area of life. This week was a great example!!

We have no control over the weather. Period. I do think, however, that there needs to be some control over how the weather people tell us about it!! This time last week they were predicting a "major" event here in our neck of the woods...which turned out to be a big flop (surprise, surprise...) but there was just enough media hype to scare the crackers out of you....it made for a very challenging beginning to the week. Both of my daughters live just far enough away that getting to work is considered a "commute"....and the media was, basically, telling you to stay put (you know...the typical "get your milk and bread...you will be housebound for days" stuff!!) so they did. This left us with a VERY skeleton crew....(if you were one of the super sweet patient people who joined us on Wednesday...you know what I am talking about!!!) a problem...yes. Deal with it and move on!!!

We had another challenge a few days later....my husband had a little eye surgery. We are a small (intentionally....) family run business. When parts of that small family that is running the business is out...well...I don't know if you have ever tried to drive a car with a missing wheel...but that is as good an explanation as any!!! Lots and lots of challenges....problems if you will....deal with them as they arise...try not to dwell!!

But then....just as sure as there will be problems and challenges....they are over. We move on. Things get back to normal....and the light at the end of the tunnel is right in front of you....bright...and COLORFUL!!! My daughter finished the transformation of our chandelier!! I have always disliked this lighting fixture. I have, on more than one occasion, tried to find something cool, funky and unique to take it's place. I expressed this desire, yet again, during our recent re-decorating projects....and she suggested attempting to paint the crystals!! She has been doing it...a little at a time...for a few weeks. Taking a few down at a time (when time would allow!!) and painting them all different colors!! And this is the end result!!!

So....what IS the lesson learned?? There is no point in dwelling on the negative....take one problem on at a time....do your best in every situation....and ALWAYS know that, eventually, things will start to look UP!!! And....the next time you come in to visit with us....make sure you do....because there is a REALLY cool lighting fixture that will, definitely, make you smile!!!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your establishment and would be willing to wait hours to taste your food. I appreciate all you do and that you are a small, family run business. There are so few left.

    I am looking forward to your cooking classes and being able to spend more time at your establishment.

    Sheila Ruth

  2. Thank you Sheila!!! I am looking forward to the classes, too....it means Spring is right around the corner!!!
    Take care!!