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Monday, March 25, 2013


Twas the week before Easter....(although it doesn't FEEL like it around here)...it's ALMOST time to don that Easter bonnet!! I don't know if it's the weather or the fact that Easter is early this year but I think it started to sink in this past week!!

All of a sudden everyone is scrambling for the candy, cards, gifts and decorations!! Once you have been in the retail business for any length of time....you know the patterns. My Halloween collectors start to look for their treasures early....VERY early!! Christmas is a steady seller all through November and December (and...June and April and.....) Spring sells early....because we all have a case of "please make it get here..." but Easter is, usually, a "Oh my goodness...it's the week before"....kinda Holiday!!

I work the gift shop part of the business once a week....I mean...I "work" it all the time...it's a very important component of Sweet Memories....but I am, physically, working IN the gift shop one day a week. I had some very wonderful conversations this week. Those conversations made me realize how many of you consider Sweet Memories to be a part of your traditions.

Let me clarify....I KNOW that we are part of your birthday traditions....I have made some of your cakes every year for a LONG time!! I know we are part of your first and last day of school celebrations....your "get together for this or that" celebrations, your baby shower and bridal showers....and, for a lot of you, your "it's Friday or Sunday" tradition every single week :)....but the conversations I had this week were about the gift shops. They were about the decorations that make all of the Holidays special. That Christmas ornament, Santa or Byers' Caroler that you have to have...that special Halloween piece that you, specifically, come in to our store to find....and that special Easter decoration that will make you, and your family and guests, smile this Sunday!!

I just want to take a moment to tell you guys....I love my job!! I, also, want to say "Thank You" for being our loyal customers....and, more importantly, friends. Thank You for making us a part of your Holidays, celebrations, traditions.....and family!!~~~ I hope this Easter is filled with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, peanut butter eggs.....Springlike temperatures....health, happiness...and "Sweet Memories"!!!!!

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