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Monday, April 15, 2013

Are we your candy store???

Like a kid in a Candy Store....we have all heard...and used...this phrase. When we are delighted...when we have found our bliss...we are all like kids in a candy store.

Do you like to go shopping?? Everyone does. It's just different for all of us. Some people like to shop for shoes, or purses, or clothes. Some people like to shop for electronics, DVDs or books :) ....some people find themselves always looking for things for their kids...some people (my husband) can get lost for hours in the tools or "outdoor" stores!! Some...die hard foodies...LOVE to go to markets and grocery stores!! MY passion has always been my "nest"....I love to shop for my garden, antiques and in small, quaint, independently owned shops full of things for my home.

I have been in many....many....many small, independently owned shops full of things for my home...M*A*N*Y!!! When we find a new shop....one we have never been to...I know...immediately....if I am going to like it. It's a total experience. The outside....the inside...the smells...the music (and there needs to be some!!!) I know. If we walk into a "once around" (a shop where I don't think I will be spending any time...) I do my best to make the shopkeeper feel like I am appreciating their efforts. I try not to leave too quickly...I would NEVER hurt someones feelings that way....ever!! If I walk into a "twice around"...I will spend a little more time...and, probably, a little money. I know that I can get all of the same merchandise...wholesale...but I try to do what I can. After all....I know how much time, hard work, energy and money goes into running a shop!! Now...for me...the definition of a "twice around" is a shop that, more than likely, carries the "same stuff" that everyone else does...no real surprises...but they have an eye for display...and I always appreciate that!!

Now....every now and again....I walk into a "three go round"....a store that you want to spend some time in!! You want to go round once...and soak it all in!! Then you want to go round, again, and REALLY focus on all of the merchandise and how it's all displayed. Then you want to go round for the third time and pick out the treasures you are going to take home to your "nest"!! I must admit....these are rare finds for us....I have very high standards!! But....if I find one...I can't wait to go back!!

I am "manning" the gift shop on Wednesdays, right now. So I am in a position to hear the feedback from all of your "shopping experiences". I hear lots and lots of wonderful compliments....but I think my favorite is that there is so much to look at!! After all....what is the point of a shop with fifteen things in it?? Then my next favorite compliment is....such unique and different things and everything is so beautiful!! And then I LOVE to hear....everything is displayed so well!!! All of these, combined, make for a "three go round" shop....unique, interesting merchandise....and plenty of it....displayed the way you would like it to look when you get it home!! I work....very hard...each and every day to bring you a "three go round" shopping experience...and it is very nice to know that I am succeeding.

If you are all about the shoes, purses and clothes.....or the tools....you probably don't climb the stairs to our second floor very often....but that's OK...because you won't find ME in the shoe department!! But if "feathering your nest" (or your garden)  is your delight....helps you find your bliss....I hope you consider us to be one of your "three go rounds"!! And if you haven't visited our second floor in a while....you should!! We have new merchandise arriving all of the time...new treasures to make you feel "like a kid in a candy store".....(Oh....and FYI....we have the candy store, too!!!) Have a great week!!!

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