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Monday, April 1, 2013

Having it ALL!!!

Happy April!! Happy day-after-Easter!!

It all goes so quickly...doesn't it?? It seems like we just put the Christmas decorations away...and now Easter 2013 is just a memory (Hopefully a "SWEET" one!!!)

Nothing makes you realize HOW quickly time flies faster, or with more clarity, than a Holiday!! Holidays are for kids....there is no question about that!! Santa Claus, Trick-or-treating,  the Easter Bunny....it's all about the little ones!!

But....somewhere along the line...the little ones grow up...time marches on....and the Holidays just aren't the same!! We still cook, and decorate, and shop....but the magic isn't there. There are no shining, excited faces on Christmas morning....no costumes to "create"....no Easter Baskets to fill.

That was my morning, yesterday. I started the bread dough, made the deviled eggs, cooked the potatoes for the salad, prepared the ham...put the "a little candy because it's Easter" tray together....and remembered when I spent my Easter mornings hiding the eggs and putting the baskets together!!

However....if you're lucky....something else comes along that makes the Holidays just as wonderful as they used to be!! I have always thought that whatever age my kids were...was my favorite!! They were great babies, precocious toddlers, and fun and funny kids...they were even awesome (well....for the most part....) when they were teenagers!! Now....they have all grown into wonderful, opinionated, hardworking, happy adults....in serious relationships. While I spent my morning realizing how much things have changed....I spent my afternoon realizing what a great thing that can be!! I sat and listened to all of them discuss movies and television shows....I listened to the heated agreements...and disagreements...about their tastes in music (a VERY hot button in this house!!!) and watched them...laughing hysterically....about screaming, fainting and/or spitting goats!! (ahhh.....YouTube!!!) Somewhere along the line I realized...that, now, I have 3 more kids...and that they are great people, too!! That.....even though they all have their differences....they enjoy each others company...and that they are all still fun and funny!!

Yes....time marches on....but I am OK with that!! Of course....I, also, got to put my Grandson's Easter Basket together....and I get to hide HIS eggs this afternoon!! Sometimes....you get REALLY lucky....and you find you have it ALL!!!

I hope you had it all....too!!!  :)

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