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Monday, April 22, 2013

Taking a break

This has been one....rough....week!!

I need a break....a Spring break!!

I love my shop....I love every part of it...from the baking and cooking to the upstairs gift shops and everything in between. I must say, though....it can take it's toll. We put in a lot of hours, and we give every last little bit of our energy to everything we do.So....I look forward to Monday....I look forward to a quiet day, with no phone calls, no pressure, no deadlines, no "business". I look forward to just being able to spend one day....doing whatever I want to do. It is my "break"....and it allows me to start the week....on Tuesday morning....with a renewed spirit!!

Not this week!! We spent the whole morning, last Monday,  working in the garden....something that I LOVE to do!! When I had finished all that I wanted to accomplish....I went treasure hunting at our local antique malls, another thing I love to do!! I didn't hear about the events in Boston until hours after they had happened!! So much for renewing the spirit!!

Between all of the stories and all of the video and pictures....all of the sadness and the unexplainable~~horribleness~~...it's hard to think about anything else. I can only imagine what all of those poor people have been going through this week!! So many people have so many challenges ahead of them!!

We all have challenges.....some are small and easily handled....some just plain daunting!! How should we handle them?? We can throw in the towel....allow them to consume all of our energy...or we can take a break!!

I am taking a break!! I am going to go out and work in my garden...no phone calls, no pressure, no deadlines, no "business"....no television!! I am going to listen to "my birds" singing and watch the robin build her nest in my tree!! I am going to feed....and talk to...our fish! I am going to marvel at all that Spring has to offer....and, probably, wish it were a little warmer!! I am going to get lost in my day off....and find myself thinking about the people in Boston who cannot do the same!! I am going to be thankful for the sunshine, the smell of freshly cut grass and my gardens coming to life!! I am going to do everything in my power to renew my spirit because my challenges are nothing compared to some....

I am taking a break....Please do not disturb!!

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