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Monday, April 29, 2013

The candles on the cake....

I don't remember the last time my Birthday was a big deal to me. I feel much more comfortable making a fuss over other people....I am not a fan of a fuss being made over me. I think I get that from my MomMom....she always made sure everyone else was taken care of....and never wanted the attention on herself. In addition....the whole "age" thing....doesn't really matter to me...it's just a number!

So....while I did not really care too much about "partying"...I did find myself in a "reflective" mood, this week!! It was a good week....the weather, finally, feels like Spring. I found out that one of my favorite "garden gurus" has a new book out (which I ordered and hope will be here today!!!) and I had a series of "aha moments"....

When you start a small business Your main goal is to get it off the ground...it's to have customers...and to be able to pay the bills. A lot of people have said to me, over the years, that they would love to have a business like ours....maybe when they retire...which is just a very, very silly thing to say!! While I am sure that "being your own boss" and "setting your own hours" is part of the attraction....it is, also, a bit of a joke!! Being your own boss means that ALL of the "junk" falls in your lap...and your lap alone...and setting your own hours translates to working ALL the time!!! So.....why do we do it?? Well....I do like to be my own boss...it's the "type A" thing....but I, also, love the work, the challenge, the creativity....I am even a little addicted to the pressure....but, this week, I realized the #1 reason WHY we do it is....all of you!!

I watched so many of you sit and "visit" with the new friends you have made...here...I noticed how many of you feel SO comfortable that you need to "poke your head" into our work areas just to say hello....I listened to all of you that have really special relationships with our daughters...and I watched all of the "little ones" who cannot wait to see my husband, talk to my daughters....or eat their cookie!! :) The friendships....the extended family...is the best part of being a small business owner!! "Where everybody knows your name"...we have created that....and benefit from it just as much as all of you!! It's wonderful to be included in your special moments....the showers, the Holidays, the anniversaries, the birthday celebrations...

I had a very nice birthday...lots of flowers, cards and birthday wishes. A special dinner (that I did NOT cook...my daughter did!!!) and time spent with all of the people that matter to me!! (Of course...my favorite gift was the cupcake picture my Grandson made for me!!!) Birthdays come and go...but the relationships and friendships that are the extra bonus of all of our hard work....(the icing....or the cherry on top!!)...mean a lot to all of us!! I just want to say thank you....YOU are all the "candles" on MY cake!!!


  1. Jamie - you are just so kind. Happy Belated Birthday! and many more!!!!