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Monday, May 20, 2013

Have faith.....

It happens every year.

You water and weed and prune....and then, without warning...you get the urge to revitalize your containers on the front porch with a few mums. Before you know it...You are filling them with greens for Christmas!!

Usually....although you miss your garden...you are kinda happy for the "break"...and you are so absorbed in the coming Holiday preparations...all of your time and energy are focused elsewhere!!

But then...it's January. It's cold, dark and....brown.

I try to spend my "free time" in the Winter months planning the changes I would like to make in the garden. Add this....move that....try to grow such and such. But....somewhere along the line...my "visualizing exercises" (roam from window to window and try to see as much of the garden as possible!!) are interrupted by "stuff"...and the "stuff" starts to bother me.

What do I mean by "stuff"?? Galvanized buckets and tubs, chicken feeders, wheelbarrows, benches, pots, watering cans...."stuff"!! Now....this "stuff" is what makes my garden....mine. It is what gives it personality....MY personality!! I have been recycling and reusing....forever!! WAY before it was cool!! But, the truth of the matter is....when all of the "stuff" is sitting in a brown garden in January....it just looks like...well, I hate to say it....junk.

I find my plans take a backseat to thinking about the possibility of downsizing my "stuff" collection. Maybe I should get rid of some of it...does it make the yard look junky?? What do people think when the drive by in the Winter months?? For that matter...what do they think when they drive by in the Summer?? (you forget how awesome it all looks when you are in "I think there may be too much "stuff" mode!!!) I mean....we have all seen "those" yards....the ones with too much "stuff'....I don't want to be one of "those"!!~~~ Oh the self imposed agony!!

And then, before you know it....it is Spring. Everything starts to come to life...and all of my "stuff" is right at home!! Actually....the "stuff" takes center stage and makes my gardens SHINE!! To be honest....I usually find myself looking for MORE "stuff"!!!

Like I said....it happens every year!! 

So....what is the lesson learned?? Try to remember my philosophy....even in the "brown" months!! (hahaha)~~~ Have confidence in yourself....be true to who you are....don't EVER worry about what other people are thinking!! Fill your garden....and your life....with all of the "stuff" that makes you happy...and have a little faith. 

Oh.....and "junk on"!!!!

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