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Monday, May 13, 2013

We survived!!!!!!!!

Well....we survived!! Another Mother's Day in the books...and this is what I feel like!! :)

All in all....it was a very "smooth" day...I mean I think we fed "the world" but the reservations were spaced out and well timed so that there were no moments of feeling overwhelmed!! Really, though, the "smoothness" of the day was due to the fact that my family works well....and hard...together. They are all awesome!!

Every "Mom" thinks her kids are the best...the smartest, the cutest, the funniest....it's all part of being a Mom. Sometimes....they ARE the smartest and cutest and funniest. Sometimes just the fact that YOU think so is all that matters!! I am pretty sure that is the whole point of this Holiday...to say thank you for being there, supporting them and telling them they are wonderful!! So...you get cards, and gifts, and flowers and meals...all of which is very nice...but if you're lucky....REALLY lucky...you look forward to spending time with these people you have "created" each and every day of the year.

There is another side to all of this, though....an unexpected side that you don't give ANY thought to while you are changing their diapers and "fixing" the boo-boos, reading the bedtime stories and making sure they take a bath, helping with the homework and teaching them to ride a bike. Eventually....they grow up. Eventually....they are adults. Eventually....they find they're "significant" others...and you find yourself "Mom" to a few more "kids"!!

I must say....I am a very lucky "Mom" this Mother's Day....because all of my "new" kids are wonderful!! They jump in when needed (even to do dishes for us on the busiest day of the year!!) join in, happily, to all of our family traditions, get along with each other, keep ALL of us entertained....and "put up" with the fun and "quirky" personalities of my kids!!! :)

I am very, very happy that it is over....but, all in all, it was a wonderful Mother's Day....because I got to spend it with the smartest, cutest and funniest "kids" around.....mine...and the "new" ones!!!

I hope yours was wonderful,too!!!!


  1. My daughter and I have had the tradition of going to Sweet Memories for brunch on Mothers Day for about 8 years now. (I call about 2 months in advance!)Then I go up to the wonderful gift shop and pick out a gift for myself. This year, my daughter paid for both (she's out of college now) so it was even more special. I got 2 lovely and unique vintage looking velvet birds. Thanks for being in our community!

  2. I am SO glad you come to see us every year!! I think traditions are so important!! We have a lot of people that have built their traditions around us...and I believe that is the biggest compliment anyone could give us!!! Thank you for the kind words....and for making us part of your life!! :) (oh....and thank you for making your reservations EARLY!!!! ;) )