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Monday, June 10, 2013

Are you creative??

On a scale from 1 to 10....how creative do you consider yourself to be?? I think if you asked most people they would give themselves a low rating. However...I am pretty sure that isn't true. I think we are all creative. Some more than others....of course! I mean...you know people who can draw or paint, write songs, build furniture...can all of us do that? No. Or can we?? Have you ever tried??

Summertime has always gotten my creative juices flowing. I guess because I had "off" for Summer vacation...so my time was my own. When you are little....it's all about playing...and having fun. Once you get a little older...say 12 or 13...you're too old to "play" but your "boredom" threshold is easily reached!!

I would say....around that age...I started to get "projects" in my head. I wanted to learn how to bake bread. So I read a few cookbooks...asked my Grandmother for a little advice...and baked bread!! (It is still one of my favorite things to do...) I have learned many, many skills that way....just get the idea...and do it!! I decided I wanted to learn how to quilt. So....I quilted!! We lived across the road from, I would have to say, the best quilter who ever lived...no exaggeration...and she, along with my Grandmother, helped me to finish the quilt!! Well....if I am to be fair....they did A LOT more of the quilting than I did...but, still, I learned an amazing craft!! If you don't try....how will you ever know if you can do it??

I think the most important thing, when you are trying something new, is to have confidence in yourself. I can say....with 100% sincerity....that I have never thought "I can't" in my life!! I just get an idea in my head....and then jump in without looking back!! I have even passed this along to my husband!! Way back at the beginning of our life together...I would show him things...decorative pieces or furniture...that I wanted. My favorite phrase was..."you can make that for me, right??" He would say....I don't know how to do that...but then tried it, anyway!! Not only did I get some amazing pieces for our home, but he has discovered a love of woodworking and being creative that he may have never known about!! This new arbor....one of his many creations!! I just said...I want a new arbor made out of logs and sticks...I want it to look "fairytale-y".... ta-da!!!

Now...once again...we find ourselves with the whole Summer ahead of us (how did it get to be June 10th already???). It's not anything like it used to be, of course...my time is, most definitely, not my own. We don't have the prospect of long days stretching out in front of us waiting for us to fill them with wonderful adventures....but don't let that stop you!! Make a promise to yourself to be creative!! Find something you have always wanted to try....and try it!! Take a class if you aren't sure about "just doing it"....or get a book or do some research online!! It's easier than ever to learn new things...and, in the process, learn things about yourself!!

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