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Monday, June 3, 2013

Everything's under control!?!?!

Happy June!! I don't know what part of the country....or world....you call home, but around here the beginning of June means your garden should be planted. We are in the home stretch!! I have a few more, small, jobs to do today...and then it's all about the weeding, watering and maintaining!!

Our gardens are our vacation spot. I take preparing them very seriously....after all I will spend the next 4 to 5 months "vacationing" here. This is where we look forward to spending our "time off"....our evenings and every Monday...from now until it gets too cold (and the "Holiday season" begins in the shop....because then there is NO free time!!!!!) to garden!!

This year....I am taking the preparations even more seriously than usual....this is where we will be celebrating our daughter's wedding!! We have weeks....just weeks...left to get everything done....but we are right on track!! I have all of the confidence in the world that the yard will be perfect!! Just in case....I have a meeting with Mother Nature later this month. We will be discussing the weather conditions...that is one thing I can't control!!

We aren't, really, doing anything that we wouldn't have done anyway...but there is a little added "stress" that I don't normally have to deal with....after all, we have a target date for the "perfection" I aim for every year!! Usually, the "perfection" is just for me....but, this year, it is for our daughter!!

So...I am in the middle of a bit of a balancing act. I give 100%....well, 200% really....every day at the shop!! It is, and has always been, very, very important to me to be the BEST that I can be (yes....that type "A" that I have spoken of, before....) every single day. The garden, in front of the store, still needs to look awesome, all of those little projects that need to get done....still do...I have to get my Fall, Halloween and Christmas orders in, make amazing displays with the new merchandise, bake, bake, bake....in this HEAT, and make every meal you share with us...special!!!

Like I said....a bit of a balancing act!!

It isn't anything I can't handle...I have everything under control!! If I say that enough....everything will be fine....right?? Ummm...sure!!!! :) Hey....if you find yourselves visiting with us in the next few weeks...and I sure HOPE that you do...please just ignore the fact that I am distracted and have that "far off" look!! And if you see a weed (or two) on your way down the path....please feel free to pull it!! I'll take all the help I can get!!!  :)

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