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Monday, June 17, 2013

Old shutters...re-purposed!!

With my daughter's wedding (being held in our yard....) just weeks away, we are in high gear!! All of those little last minute projects don't seem quite so little!! We are trying to get all of the "sprucing and primping" projects taken care of...and several of these projects involve shutters!!

I love anything old. I love the character, the patina...the story that I am sure it could tell!! I collect yellow ware bowls, old watering cans, children's gardening tools, little benches....I could go on and on!! I think my favorite thing to "re-purpose" is old shutters and doors (oh...and porch posts!!!) they practically call my name!!

Our coffee table, in the pool house, is an old door. Our coffee table, in our house, is an old door. I have a screen made of old shutters hiding the water softener in our laundry room. I have a table in our foyer that is made from an old shutter...and several of my cabinets (4 to be exact) were made with either old doors or old shutters. Right this minute....there is a small pile in the shed...waiting!!

I have plans...I want some of them to go in the pool house to ensure a little more privacy (there are "new people" next door with some VERY annoying kids!!!) but a couple of them are going to be used for a piece that I want on the front porch!! We spent most of the Winter actively looking for shutters for these projects...and as soon as I had given up...decided that the projects would just have to be put on hold until we found what we were looking for...boom...there they were!!

It is very exciting...and I will be sure to keep you posted!! When my husband gets the piece for the front porch built...I will be sure to post pictures!! If it turns out the way it looks in my head (and the way ALL of his projects turn out!!) I may find myself on the hunt for some MORE shutters!! I am thinking it's about time to "share" some of his talents with the world...and bring some things into the shop!! And, as it turns out, my daughter has shown some interest in "re-purposing" and building furniture, too!! So you just might find yourself taking a piece of her talent home with you, too!!

In the meantime....if you have any old shutters lying around...let me know!! ;)

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