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Monday, July 1, 2013

Keep Calm....and plan on!!!

So....here I sit...on my day off, listening to the rain....AGAIN!!!!!!!! I know there are a whole bunch of you who are die hard Summertime fanatics. I, also, know that right now....this very minute...I am NOT among you!! We will deal with it...we have no choice. We still have things on our to-do list in preparation for my daughter's wedding...and they will get done even if it means getting wet....but I am less than happy with the weather we have been experiencing!!

Now....having said that....I am starting to think "Fall"!! I can hear some of you now...."NO!! Not already!!!" But the plain fact-of-the-matter is....when you are in retail...you are ALWAYS a few months ahead....or out of business!!

I am on the planning committee for "The 1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween" event and I put the flyers out, on the counter, at the shop. I want you to be aware of this event....and plan ahead so that you can attend. It is a great event, it benefits a great historical property and it gets better and better every year. I feel as though NOT giving all of you the opportunity to know about it, and be there for it, is a great disservice to you. The reactions to the flyer have been interesting...and somewhat predictable!! Many, many, many of you see it, grab it and are excited by it. Some of you say "NO!! Not already!!!"

The bottom line...if you love the Fall....and Halloween....you love it year 'round. There is no "season"....or right or wrong time to think about it. I know this is a true statement....because Halloween collectables sell all year long!! The same holds true for Christmas. If Christmas is your Holiday....then you keep it in your heart all the year through (as you should!!!)...and, Christmas collectables sell all year long, too!!

I have had a lot on my plate, recently, with all of the planning for the wedding. It should be enough....but the fact is...I have a responsibility, to all of you....our wonderful customers....to make each and every Holiday special and to carry the most amazing Holiday merchandise I can find!! In order for that to happen I HAVE to be months and months ahead. Period. I have to order and plan WAY ahead of time....or the next Holiday will not live up to your expectations...or, much more demanding, mine.

So, regardless of my own personal schedule, and the happenings in my private life, I pulled out the calendar and started to plan for "the big makeover"...the day when the Halloween would start to make it's appearance. This is no small feat!! This is hours and hours just to get "the bones" (pun intended!!!) in place...and then days and days, afterward, of setting up new displays, tweaking the existing ones and adding new merchandise as it arrives!! I posted the fact that I was checking out the calendar....and starting to plan for the "big day"...and the reaction was interesting....and somewhat predictable!! I just want to go on record, here, and tell you that I am NOT doing it right this second....calm down...I was simply planning!! I think part of the reaction to "the rushing of the Holidays" is the, almost disrespectful, way that the "big box" stores handle the transition. Throw it all on the shelf....the Christmas decorations on one side...Halloween on the other. Let me assure you....that is NOT the case in our shops!!

I treat each and every Holiday as if it is my favorite (because, truthfully, at the moment we are experiencing it...it is!!!) and I try to give all the other "enthusiasts" out there plenty of time to find, and purchase, those special things to add to their collections. I also try to give us all a little extra time to enjoy!! What could possibly be "wrong" with surrounding yourself with a little "taste of Fall"...and treating yourself to a little day dreaming...on a hot day in August?? Nothing!! Does it mean that the Summer is "over"?? Of course not!! It just means that there is something to look forward to...and I don't see anything wrong with that!!

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