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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Roll up those sleeves!!!!

It's time to say goodbye to July 2013. It has been a month to remember!! Some of the most horrible Summertime weather....ever....and, without a doubt....some of the BEST!!! A crazy, busy month...that's for sure!! A month of wonderful happenings...like our daughter's wedding....and a month of some not-so-wonderful happenings, too. Yes....July 2013 will be remembered!

But....no matter how you feel about the coming of Fall...no matter if you love the idea...or hate it...the time has come to give it my undivided attention. Does that mean Summer is over?? No...of course not!! I am hoping to get a lot more swimming time in...a lot more sitting and relaxing and enjoying, too. But you know how the old saying goes....first we work, then we play!! And we have a lot of work to do!!

Not only do I want to get the ball rolling on our Fall and Halloween displays....I have big plans for room makeovers!! I have some new display pieces....and I want to move things all around in every room of our gift shops...BEFORE we start to unpack the goodies!! By the time we are done....shopping in the gift shops at Sweet Memories will be a whole "new" experience!!

We have some of the best (and I say that every year)...Fall and Halloween....(and Christmas, too) merchandise that we have ever had!! I am so excited for all of you, my fellow Halloween fanatics, to see what we've got!! The ideas for displays are, literally, keeping me up at night!! But there is more....much more....to the coming of Autumn around here!! We are, also, just weeks, really, from "The 1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween" event. It is time to get the details together for the Haunted Gingerbread House class....we need to make them even better than last year....although that might be a hard task because they were AWESOME last year!!! I know you guys are all wondering about the Christmas Gingerbread House classes, too. Lots and lots going on!!

Like I said....I am not saying goodbye to Summer....but it IS time to roll up those sleeves and get going on these huge projects!! The sooner I make all of these "keeping me up at night" thoughts and ideas into reality....the sooner I can go sit by the pool and enjoy the rest of Summer 2013!!

Stay tuned....I will let you know as soon as I can about the gingerbread classes....and the BIG reveal!!! Oh my...but this IS exciting!!! Have a great day everybody!!!!

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