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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Best....

To everything there is a season...and a breaking point. I think last week's weather leveled the playing field!!

I have had Fall and Halloween on my mind for weeks...granted it was in the "way back" part while we were getting ready for the wedding....but it was still there!! It's part of my job. Just like magazine writers and editors are months and months ahead....so, too, are retailers. You have to be. But...up until the inferno that was last week....I didn't have all that much company. Now...I think the boat is full!!!

If we never have that much heat and humidity...all at the same time...ever again...it will be alright with me!! But...it sure made getting into the "Fall spirit" very, very easy!!! I have displays and plans rolling around and around in my mind. I want to change everything....really mix things up...and make this the best Halloween and Fall season ever. I am even thinking about an open house. Well....MY kind of open house...I will keep you informed!! I have new display pieces on the way...a few more orders to place....and a whole lot of work to do!! I'm just not happy unless I have BIG projects in the works!! I want the gift shops at Sweet Memories to be, not only the best that they can be, but the best....period!! I want to be your go-to place for gifts, for Holidays, for yourself....just because!! That doesn't happen without work!!

Yesterday....a good portion of my BIG Halloween order came in....very exciting!!! It's, also, a great motivator. I want all of you...my avid Halloween shoppers...to get to see all of the amazing new goodies, too. So....the process has begun. It's a slow process...so don't expect to see Halloween this weekend. However....if there is something that caught your eye in our upstairs gift shops....get in here and get it!! Any day now the witches, pumpkins and ghosts will show up....and Summertime 2013 will be just a memory. And, let's be honest, after last week....who will argue???

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  1. Can't wait to see all of the fall item's on facebook so we can order from our favorite shop :)