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Monday, July 15, 2013

They did it...their way!!!!!

You talk, and plan, throw ideas around. Look for pictures, shop, change your mind. Make lists....lots of lists!! Plan some more....change your mind, again. Work, work, work. Allow inspiration to guide you...try to be flexible. Make some more lists. Change your mind, yet again!! Plan some more...throw around a few more ideas. Work, work, work....weed, weed, weed....cook, cook, cook....and then...it's over!!

This was a "non-traditional" wedding. I used that term a thousand times whenever I was asked the "traditional" questions. If you know my daughter....and her HUSBAND (that will take a little getting used to!!! teeheehee!!!).....you would expect nothing else.

I HIGHLY recommend a "non-traditional" wedding!!

There is something SO wonderful about being exactly who you are, exactly where you want to be....surrounded by exactly who you want to be surrounded by....dressed exactly the way you want to be dressed, eating exactly what you want to be eating...and laughing with exactly the most important people in your life!!

        "Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer." ~~~ Jean de La Fontaine

They didn't have a "wedding party"....they had an amazing group of friends...and family...brothers and sisters, cousins, friends from childhood...and some from not all that long ago...that came together and got along right from the start!! Not only did they help them to celebrate....they helped...period!! Everything that needed to get done....they all pitched in and did it!! Setting up the tables, blowing up the balloons, hanging lanterns, lighting candles, taking pictures, carrying food, parking cars...and getting the flamingos where they belonged (very, very long story!!!) It was awesome to watch....and all of them are welcome in my home anytime!!

We had blue, antique ball jars on the tables...and they were to be filled with flowers. Oh....I went around and around about what to fill them with....I didn't want to fill them with the same flowers that were in the garden (6 inches away!!!)....I thought about daisies...and almost went that route...and then...inspiration!! When the girls were little my MomMom used to stop on the side of the road, on her way up to visit, and "pick" Queen Anne's Lace. They would fill jars with colored water and hope that the flowers would "suck it up" and turn the color of the water!! So....at the crack of dawn..."big sister" (and other future son-in-law :) ) found themselves driving down the country roads "picking" Queen Anne's Lace for the tables!! Just not something you do when you go the "traditional" route. We told her MomMom sent them!!

Yes....I HIGHLY recommend a "non-traditional" wedding!! If you find yourself planning a wedding....please take my advice. Do it YOUR way!! Don't worry about what everyone will think. Don't do things because you are "supposed to"....do the things you want to do!! Surround yourself with the people who matter and make yourself happy!! The sweetest memories are made when you are the happiest....and I don't think I have ever seen her happier!!!


  1. I think the non-traditional wedding is the best way to go! Great post.

    1. It's a GREAT way for their community of family and friends to show their love and to honor them!

  2. Wonderful post and I really think "Doing It Their Way" is the best <3

  3. Congratulations to all! Sounds like the perfect wedding!