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Tuesday, August 13, 2013



It has been a long journey....but the Halloween "room" is almost complete!!

I say a "long journey" because we changed each and every room along the way!! Typical to my personality...I wanted EVERYTHING moved around!! We moved the kitchen display pieces...all of them!! Then did a complete overhaul in there (in a couple of weeks we will do it again when we get all of the AWESOME Fall and Halloween "kitchen" merchandise out!!!). We moved things all around in the Christmas room....trying to display the Byers' Choice Carolers at their best...and make all of the Jim Shore pieces look spiffy, too!! Then we rearranged the Kid/baby room....sort of like cleaning your, actual, kid's rooms...going for nice and neat!!! Of course...we have all kinds of Halloween goodies to add in there, too!! THEN we moved everything all around in the front room to make this year's Halloween the very best....ever!!!

One of the reasons for this "journey"....aside from the fact that I just can't be happy with "normal"....was my periodic examination of our gift shop. We don't have a whole lot of free time, anymore, but we do get around. We have our favorite day trips, when we decide we need a "me" day (which is right around the corner...let me tell you!!!!) favorite places that we like to go. I always try to buy something....even though I can get the same merchandise...but I, also, pay attention to other store's displays and the way they merchandise their product. I am constantly looking for new merchandise....unique things...and I am, constantly, trying to improve the gift shops.

One of the "tried and true" displaying methods is to create a vignette that the customer would like to recreate in their home. The idea behind this is that you see something...like it...and buy all of it so you can set it up exactly the same way in your own house. I get it. I really do. I just don't like it. I like to set up my OWN vignettes...I want MY personality to shine through when I decorate my home. I have a lot of confidence in my self and my style....and I believe that all of you do, too!! Don't get me wrong....I don't think merchandise should be lined up on a shelf....like the "big box" stores do...I am a strong believer in grouping and making everything look great!! I just don't think the minimalist...three things on a tabletop because I don't think you can focus on more than that...is necessary!! I want to give you as many possibilities as I can...order as much awesome, cool and amazing merchandise as possible and give you the opportunity to get lost in the shops...wander around and around so you don't miss anything...and I want you to leave excited to go home and get your new treasures where YOU envision them going.

Yes, sometimes it takes a journey....lots of thinking and deciding....questioning and even rearranging...but then you find that the best place for you to be...is where you started from!! I am tickled with how great everything is looking. I am thrilled with all of our new "goodies" and can't wait for you to see them. But....most of all....I am extremely proud of how different we are!! If you are "unique" too....you know where to find us!!!

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