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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Interesting Week....

"Making People Happy Is My Job....And, Most Of The Time It's A Piece Of Cake".

That's our tagline....but it's true.

I make A LOT of cake!!

In the "bakery business" trends come and go....I, myself, have never been one to follow trends. Between all of the food channels and the magazines it seems the whole world has become a "foodie" and a food critic. Considering what we do for a living....I don't think that's a bad thing. I do, however, think the best part of this, particular, trend is the "new" interest in the old-fashioned baking. It's not a "trend" around here....it's what we do and what we have always done...but if it shifts the spotlight...that's okay with me!!

This has been an interesting week. I just ordered a cookbook that is full of heirloom recipes...(actually, that's not all that interesting...I have an obsession with cookbooks and can't help myself) I am excited to read it because I love recipes with history and family connections. I think that's one of the reasons I will recommend (and carry in the gift shops...) the Gooseberry Patch books...they are nothing BUT recipes with history and family connections. No complicated steps, unusual cookware or weird ingredients. Just tried and true...no fail...homemade....period. The kind of recipes that you will make....over and over...and, eventually, become "known" for!! Now...this started me thinking about all of those recipes that you make again and again...the ones that are expected at each and every family gathering. You know what I am talking about....right? They are the best....nothing trendy...just really good food that makes everyone happy. The very definition of "comfort food".

Now....THAT got me thinking...I am sure that you had a birthday cake. No, I don't mean..."had" a birthday cake....I mean there was one kind of cake that was "yours". Someone made it for you...every year...and you could count on it. Sometimes the rest of your family looked forward to it, too. Sometimes they didn't....for example if you like coconut and the rest of the family isn't a fan...oh well, more for you!! These cakes, more than likely, were homemade...no decorations, no fondant, no edible glitter or airbrushing. Just delicious...from beginning to end. In other words...no trends.

Now..... The entry forms for the baking contest at the "1803 House : A Very Merrie Halloween" event are rolling in. So far....they all look to be old-fashioned family pleasing recipes. And....I have had multiple phone calls from a company that wants me to try using duck fat in my baking....that is not going to happen. I told the lady, that keeps calling, that I was partial to butter....I am not sure she is listening. And....this week....I, also, had someone who needed a cake with absolutely no dairy...(allergies)...which I can do....but she wanted it all decorated....which I WON'T do. Like I said...it's been an interesting week.

At this point...we have been in business for a long time....long enough that, for quite a few of you, "your" birthday cake....is a Sweet Memories cake!! I just wanted you to know that I will continue to "find" (rediscover???) those wonderful old-fashioned recipes...probably tweak them (it's another thing that I do and can't help myself...) be here to make "your" cakes...without duck fat (I don't care HOW "in" THAT becomes!!!!) and NOT cloud up the "comfort" with a whole bunch of unnecessary decorations.

After all.....making people happy is my job....and, most of the time, it's a piece of (old-fashioned, nostalgic, memory (sweet of course) filled, comfortable, makes-you-happy, delicious) cake!!!!

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