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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Staying Connected....

How do you "use" social media??

Do you pin, tweet, post....blog??

Are you "surfing" to look for decorating ideas, recipes, to stay up to date on all of your favorite stores, movies, television shows and music. Are you doing a little "spying"...yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Is it too much??

I get a lot of questions about our "website". I knew, a long time ago...even before social media...that it was something I would have to look into, that we needed a "web presence". To be honest...."ordinary" websites don't do anything for me. I think they lack personality. I never feel like they tell me what I want to know. Can I find out a stores hours....sure...but I want to know what the store is like...and you can't get that from a website. With the avenues that are available, now, I can finish putting icing on a cupcake, take a picture and post it all within seconds. I can tell you when events are coming up, when new merchandise has arrived, take pictures of new displays and even tell you all about my daughter's wedding!! But, most importantly, I can stay connected to all of you!!

Really....all of this technology is just a case of "Everything old is new again"...it's like sitting on the phone, for hours, with your best friend, seeing your coworker's vacation pictures, exchanging recipes (and a little gossip) with your neighbor and getting a letter from your Grandmother (which I miss!!) all within the 3 "spare" minutes we can manage to find in a day!!

With our crazy schedules...and crazy lives...I think it's great that we have a way to stay connected!! Sure....some people over do it. Too many pictures from the inside of the car....too many updates about the dog...too much information, period!! But, in my news feed, I can stay informed of important events, have a little laugh and feel like I am visiting with an old friend. I think I am more involved and connected than ever!!

I LOVE the social media outlets and the way they allow me to stay connected to all of you!! I love the idea of being able to talk to you, answer your questions and, maybe, brighten your day!! There is something very rewarding about posting something and getting lots and lots of "likes" and comments!! It shows that you like us...you really like us!! (hahahaha....) I don't think any of this replaces time spent with the people that matter to us...but then, neither did a letter!! It's just a great way to stay in the loop!!I just want you all to know that, no matter how busy we are, no matter how much I have to do...you are very important to us...and I am just the click of a key away!!

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