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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A little cozy.....

Home....what does that mean to you?

We all have different ideas of what makes our house a home. We have different things that make it "ideal" for us. New...old, big...small, lots of property....no yard maintenance whatsoever!!! Some of us like warm colors...some cool, some like an open floor plan...some like well defined rooms, some are "minimalists"....some like to collect!! Some love modern, some vintage, some antique....some a mixture of all of the above!!!

No matter what your own personal style is, though....we all want a home that welcomes, not only US, but everyone who visits. We all want a home that is our haven...that makes us feel safe and warm and snug. We all want "Cozy"!!!

This time of year, the desire to make our homes cozy is even more prevalent. As the weather turns colder...we all find ourselves wanting to light candles, cook hearty dinners, bake apple pies and decorate the house....because we are going to see the inside of it...a LOT!!! Not to say that we don't care what the inside of the house looks like in the Summer...but there are better things to do when the weather is beautiful!!

Making my home cozy is a top priority for me....no matter what time of year it is!! We spend so little time "relaxing"...I need "home" to be a happy, comfortable place to be. But cozy homes are on my mind, almost, all the time. Not only is it important for my own home to BE cozy....it is part of my job to help you make YOURS cozy, too!!! I am, always, at least 3 months....if not MORE..."ahead" in the gift shop... (For example....I just finished a big Mother's Day and Garden order with one of the companies I work with.) It's part of the job....and I take it very seriously!! So....right this minute...I am "cooking" up ways to continue to "fluff" the dwindling Fall and Halloween merchandise so that it stays "cozy" right up until the end. However....I am, also, dreaming of that "White Christmas" and constructing those cozy Christmas displays (in my head....) with all of the fantastic merchandise that we have, this year, so that you can see how cozy it will look in YOUR house after you buy it and take it home!! And...in addition to all of that...I am, also, picking out the merchandise that will show up this Spring and trying to figure out how to make THOSE displays as cozy as possible!!

Like I said....I take this part of my job very seriously. I take a lot of pride in the fact that we have such a great selection of merchandise. A word I hear constantly is "unique"....and that makes me happy because I really work at it!! The gift shops are FULL....no matter what the season (after all..you are in them to SHOP...and you can't shop without LOTS to look at....right????) of the very best "cozy" I can find.

If you find yourself....here, in the middle of that "cozy" month of October, with the big gift giving season right around the corner....(you may not be ready to hear that...but it's a fact!!) searching for ways to make your life cozier....may I suggest a visit to see us...SOON!!! Not only are our gift shops as cozy as it gets....the whole place is full of the cozy smells of cooking and baking...all the time!! It doesn't get any better than that!!!

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