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Monday, October 7, 2013

Better than ever.....

I have fallen behind on my blogging duties....I apologize!! It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here!!!

This past Saturday was our third annual "1803 House: A Very Merrie Halloween" event. And....other than the weather feeling a LOT like July....I think it's safe to say it was a huge success!! We tried to "tally" the number of visitors...just so we could have some idea...and we were in the 800 region. Not too shabby!!!

It has grown, substantially, each year. We have set new goals (and reached them!!) we have tackled new projects, and we have learned new lessons. This is a picture of "our" table full of goodies from the very first year....we had, about, three times this amount, this year....and, pretty much, sold out!!

Planning, and executing, this kind of event is a big, BIG job....and it "takes a village" (or a dedicated committee and an army of volunteers!!! hahaha....) We have food vendors, craft artists, a kid's tent...full of games and crafts...a harvest tent FULL of wonderful produce and fall decorations, we had stories and demonstrations, spooky music playing, a baking contest with delicious homemade pumpkin and apple desserts, alpacas to visit, a display of wonderful, handmade "Haunted Gingerbread Houses" to admire and amazing decorations to delight....and each and every one of those experiences....take months and months of planning and preparing!!

I, personally....could NEVER do all that I do without my family!! They created the decorations....ran the sound system, the baking contest, our booth and the shop....(while I ran back and forth between both places!!!) seemingly effortlessly (although I know how much time and energy we all put into it!!!) and I would just like to take a moment to thank them all...my husband, my daughters, my son-in-law and my future son-in-law....for being the talented, hard-working, patient, wonderful people that they are!!!

Needless to say....since none of us rest on our laurels...we are, already, talking about next year!!! New goals, new projects, new lessons to learn!! Oh.....and a lot of praying for a little Fall-like weather!!!

I hope you had a chance to visit the event this year...and I hope your experience was "spooktacular"....but if you missed it, that's okay....because, come the first Saturday in October of 2014....we will be back and better than ever!!!

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  1. Just wanted to say This was a great event! Very well run! Happy to have been a part of such a wonderful festival. Kudos to the organizers!!