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Monday, November 11, 2013

Kindred Spirits.....

Good Morning...and Happy Monday!!

I know, I know....most of you don't like Monday. Your weekend is over and it's back to the grind. But, for us, Monday IS our weekend...and it's a very, very busy one for me!!

Today I am packing away all of my much loved Halloween collection....and then cleaning!! Next week...the Christmas collections come out!!

I know what a lot of you are thinking. "What about Thanksgiving??" Please don't get the wrong idea....we love Thanksgiving just as much as the next guy....but my "free" time...especially THIS time of year...is very limited!! So I spend one whole day doing all of the decorating...and then I can concentrate on the HUGE "to do" list that comes with this time of year!!

Besides....what is wrong with Christmas lasting more than the days between the 24th of December and the 1st of January??

This is puzzling to me. I mean....I LOVE Christmas!!! I love the lights, the music, the decorations, the movies and specials...I love the memories, the festivities, the baking, the shopping, the wrapping....finding the perfect Christmas tree. As far as I am concerned....it can't start soon enough....or last long enough!!

In the world of retail...it starts in the Summer. I have to pick out the merchandise, that we are going to carry, months and months ahead of time. Then....it takes a lot of hard work and hours (and hours....) to get it all out and displayed the way I want it....the way I want YOU to see it!! I mean...logically...it all needs to be "out" WAY before Thanksgiving....or we won't have the opportunity to sell it. And, after all, we are a business...and, as a business, we need to sell merchandise in order to pay the bills!!!

Yet....without fail...I hear "Christmas already" a few times a week!! Of course....MOST of you can't WAIT for the Christmas to come out....and considering how busy we have been, and how many treasures have, already, found their new homes...I know I am not the only one who LOVES Christmas!! It still puzzles me, though, that everyone doesn't feel the same way!! Does it get to the point where Christmas is just another thing you have to do?

This has been a week of reflection, for me. Lots of things to think about. To be honest....my head is spinning!! One of the things that I have been giving a lot of thought to is our gift shop. Am I happy with the mix of merchandise? Am I making my customers happy? Do we carry what they are looking for? Should I move this, change that....focus just on "country", "primitive", "shabby", "repurposed"....."cool"??? While I haven't found the answers to all of my questions...I have decided that I need to sell what I love, and I need to be me!! I have, always, changed things and mixed them up....being in a rut is not part of who I am...and neither is following the "trends" ...I do my own thing!! I think a little redirection is in order...but I think that about 6 times a year!! (hahahaha...) I think that trying to make everybody happy is a fools journey...so I am going to be content with making all of my "kindred spirits" happy, instead!! If you like what we do and what we are all about....then that's enough for me!!

Right now....my "kindred spirits" are watching the Christmas movies, listening to the Christmas music and getting ready to make their homes warm and cozy....thinking about creating Christmas Magic!!!! If this applies to you....I can't wait for you to see the amazing mix of merchandise in the gift shop (but, hurry....a lot of our fellow "kindred spirits" have, already, visited...more than once....and they are beating you to it!!!) If this does not apply to you...hopefully a trip to see us will, at the very least, put a smile on your face!! And....to answer YOUR question.....yes, Christmas already!!! I can't wait!!! Kindred Spirits....unite!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!!!

It's that time of year, again!!!

Have you been watching the Hallmark channel??

Today is the BIG day....we are heading over to turn the upstairs gift shops into a magical Christmas wonderland!! We HAVE been watching the Christmas movies, on the Hallmark channel, and it has put us in the mood!!

The candy display is ready to go...all decked out with the very best Christmas goodies, stocking stuffers and little gifts I could find!! Now it's time to head upstairs and "work our magic" on the rest of the shop!!

If you LOVE Christmas as much as we do....plan a visit VERY soon!! ~~~ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!