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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Christmas Spirit.....

I have neglected my blogging duties....please forgive me!! I have been very busy running the store!!  Hahaha....

This past week has seen Thanksgiving 2013 come and go...and the "shopping season" get it's start. I must say...it was a little hard to watch.

In this high tech world that we live in...we see everything the second it happens. Good, bad, funny, sad....and even horrible behavior!! I tried NOT to watch any of the Black Friday "highlights". I want to believe....really, really believe...that people are good. That we all love this season for the right reasons and that peace and goodwill exist...and that is, almost, impossible when you see those videos.

Then we have "Small Business Saturday" and, of course, "Cyber Monday". Oh my....

Naturally...being a small business owner...I want to get behind the small business Saturday thing...but, honestly, I don't think it should be a once a year event.

I can't speak for other small businesses but I CAN tell you that I try to make every day...in every season...a special experience. The whole point of a small business is, frankly, the experience. I want you to take a few minutes out of your busy life and choose to step through our door. I want to have the opportunity to make you happy....not just during the Christmas season....but all year long. I want you to experience the personal attention that you cannot...and will not...get in the stores that were mobbed on Black Friday (or...Thanksgiving for that matter!!!) or on your computer, today.

I understand that we don't have amazing electronic deals...or those much needed designer boots...but we DO have something that we ALL need this time of year. We have the Christmas spirit....and you can experience it, too!! Do I want you to come in and spend money....of course. I would be lying if I said "no" to that....I mean...this is how we make our living. But, becoming a millionaire is not, really, on my bucket list! I am far more interested in extending our "family"...creating friendships that last...watching your kids grow up...celebrating special occasions with all of you...and making people happy!!

I think we all want that "old-fashioned" Christmas. I, also, think it's possible. Slow down...enjoy the music and the lights. Enjoy the preparations...after all...it's about the journey more than the destination!! And...find your "happy place"....the one that renews your Christmas spirit!! I truly hope...it's with us...and we will be seeing you soon!!!


  1. Love this Jamie - small businesses ROCK, and I shop at them whenever I can. Yours is one I miss the most since I moved. :-( Glad you are busy & well.