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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Damage control.....

We all have an "inner clock"...even though this day light savings time thing messes it all up for a few days...we still have it. To everything there is a season...and we know it without having to think about it. Usually, somewhere around the first week of February, you can find me standing at our "full view glass" back door, with an issue of some magazine or another in my hand. It is the best spot for viewing the gardens. I am dreaming. I am thinking about the newest projects...thinking about what I want to do first. It's an uncontrollable urge. I am, simply, drawn to the back door.

Not this year. I wasn't sure why....well, other than the fact that all I could see from my usual vantage point was gross, frozen piles of white!! Surely, though, I could see past that....see all of the beauty that was lying, just beneath the white?!? So why....why wasn't I planning and plotting all of those Springtime projects?

As it turns out....it was because I may not have time for Springtime projects. This year...they may have to be Summertime projects!! It is going to take us all~~~Spring~~~long to undo what that wonderful power couple....Mother Nature and Old Man Winter...has done!!

This amazing, fabulous, much wished for and longed for thawing has started to reveal just how much damage there is!! I have been, fairly, certain what we would find under all of those gross, frozen piles of white...but it may be a little worse than I feared!!

This Spring....will be all about the damage control!!

Ah well....to everything there is a season...and everything happens for a reason. Perhaps it was time for a severe pruning on my boxwoods??? Perhaps I needed to rethink the shape of that flowerbed....or rebuild that wall?? Every gardener who has ever put their faith in the sun and the rain knows...it never works out the way you planned...and the work is never done. It's part of the charm of gardening. I must say, though....right this minute...as I look out of the back door...I am not so sure "charming" is the right word!!

Come on Spring....come on thaw....I need to get out there and start to work!! And....considering the amount of mud....I think a new pair of muck boots might be in order...maybe some of those wading boots that the fishermen wear!!!!  Hahahaha.....

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