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Monday, March 24, 2014


Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I have to make a lot of decisions. It's part of my job description. I make them all day..every day.

What will be on the menus, this week, what dessert selections should I offer in the bakery case? Should I turn the heat up, turn the heat down, change the brand of hand soap in the bathrooms? What new products should I buy for the gift shops? Will they be something that all of you will like? Should we stop hosting showers? Increase prices to try to keep up with the MY prices increasing. Try to squeeze Spring classes into my, already, ridiculous schedule? Should I put a sign on the door..."this does not close itself"!!! Which of the causes should I donate to...because, as much as I would love to be in a position to donate to ALL of them...I can't! Oh...here's a good one...should I just hang up on the attempted phone scam or try to get at least a little justice (even at the risk of sending my blood pressure through the ceiling!!!) so that they can't continue to prey on innocent people!!

"They" attempted to "scam" us, on the phone, twice....yes TWICE this week!! I can't even imagine what kind of a person you have to be to do that!! I am going to take a second and BEG you...if you are in doubt...hang up!!! DO NOT ever....ever....give bank or credit card information...your social security number...or any other personal information...over the phone. If you are not sure who you are talking to....just say...my son, niece, neighbor...is a police officer and they are standing right here...could you please explain all of this to them? They will hang up. I cannot stop any of this....but I can, try, to make sure no one gets "taken".

Yes...this was a very trying week...one that I don't want to see repeated!! Ever.

I have to make a lot of decisions....but....NOT finding that deserted island and heading there....shouldn't be one of them!!

Here's to hoping this is a better week....no phone scams, grumpy people, unsolicited "opinions"...or front doors left wide open!! Here's hoping for some warm weather....a little green...flowers coming up....and a little karma where it's most deserved!!

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