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Monday, March 3, 2014

How do you spell relief???

How do YOU spell relief?? This morning....I spell it N-o S-n-o-w!!!!

The last couple of weeks have been rough. We finally got the snow (and ice) piles removed from the front of the building....and really started to "feel" a little bit normal...and "they" started to talk about the "storm of storms"....again!!

It gets to the point where I am not sure which is more exhausting...the weather...or EVERYONE talking about it!!!!

Yesterday, as I was getting in the car to go to work, I really took notice to how much melting has taken place...and how much better the conditions were. I thought to myself...I hope they are wrong!! I hope we miss this latest round because, if we do, I believe the end is in sight!!

Well...the end is in sight!!

It's time...time to, REALLY, start to plan! Time to figure out which projects are going to get top priority. Time to look at all of the damage that this Winter has caused...figure out a "plan of attack" to fix it...and, most importantly, time to welcome Spring!!

I realized, this morning, how much stress all of this has caused!! The tireless, relentless cold, snow and ice....the worry about lost business, property damage(to TWO properties!!!!), dangerous driving conditions. It has, really, been depressing. Not something I, normally, suffer from....but there hasn't been anything "normal" for months!!

Yesterday...as I was getting in the car to go to work...I noticed more than the melting and improving conditions...I felt better. I felt like all of this was, finally, coming to an end!! I started to think about what I wanted the arbor, that my husband said he would build for the shop garden, to look like. I started to think about where I wanted to plant the "fundraiser" flowers that I bought from my niece. I started to think about packing away the snowmen and snowflakes...and getting the Spring and Easter decorations out!! I started to think about my first (of many!!) trip to the greenhouse...and how I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!

This is not a Winter we will soon forget....and I took lots of pictures to make SURE that I don't!! When the temperatures are soaring...and I am uncomfortable ( I DO work in front of an oven all day!!!) I am going to look at them...and remember the dismal days that we have put up with, this year....and keep my mouth shut!!!

This Winter will stick around, in our memories, for a very long time....but it's, almost, at the end of it's reign of terror!! And I, for one, am over the moon!!!!

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  1. As one who suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I am right along with you, over the moon, about Spring being just around the corner. :)