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Monday, April 7, 2014

Happiness Is.....

Happiness is....

Do you remember that phrase?? It was all over everything, years ago. T-shirts, mugs, greeting cards....

Sometimes we forget, though, what it is that makes us happy. We get very caught up in day to day stuff...obligations, schedules, duties and chores...working, working, working....we forget to enjoy the simple things. Sometimes we forget to enjoy...anything!!!

I don't think happiness just happens. I think you are, very much, in control of your happiness...it IS a choice! Every day we are faced with situations...good, bad and in between...and how we handle those situations makes us who we are...and dictates whether or not we will be happy.

For example...worrying. It really doesn't help. It's not like the more you worry....the better the outcome. Whatever is going to happen...is going to happen. I try to avoid mistakes, make good decisions and stay on top of the things I can control. The things that I can't control...I try to have a plan to deal with them IF they happen...and move on.

That, particular, trait has served me well in this business that I have chosen. When you are in any kind of "service" trade...you have to deal with all kinds of things. Unavoidable stuff...equipment, deliveries, acts of God....people. I mean...come on...there is no doubt about it...people can be exhausting!!! (that was a really nice way of putting it!!!) But....I wouldn't trade, what I do, for anything!!

We had a lot of "new" people, this week. When that happens we find ourselves "telling our story" over and over again. People want to know how we got started...how long we have been in business...etc. To be honest...it's a good story!! (haha!!) I think my most frequently asked question would be..."do I still love what I do??" Absolutely!!

Does that mean that owning this business is all moonlight and roses...absolutely...not!!! It's long hours and hard work...it's dealing with the good, the bad AND the ugly!! There are moments of joy....and moments of biting my tongue (sometimes really, really hard!!!) There are people who are not all that impressed...and people (thankfully many, many, many....) who love us and all that we do!! It means being a part of a huge extended family...watching all of the important events...as well as the heartbreaking moments!! It means putting myself out there...for possible scrutiny as well as positive feedback!! It's all part of being successful....and we have worked really hard to achieve it!!

I am "myself" every day...and I make no excuses!! While I think that trying to please everyone is a huge waste of energy...I do the best I can to make people happy...it's what I do. And, making people happy, makes me happy!!

We have a sign, hanging in the gift shop...it says "Be yourself...no one can tell you you're doing it wrong" I am not sure I agree with that...I'm sure there are plenty of people who will try!! But...be yourself, anyway, and choose to be happy!!

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