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Monday, April 21, 2014

Making our house....a home sweet home!!!

Springtime. The birds are singing...the trees are budding...the weather is warming...the flowers are starting to poke their heads up...and the project list is GROWING!!!

This is the time of year when I can't seem to stop the ideas from coming!! All of a sudden I know exactly what color I want to paint the walls...and exactly which curtains I want for that room. I know what to do with the cool piece I found at the antique mall...and where I want that piece of furniture to go.

Making our house..."home sweet  home"...is one of my, many, obsessions!

 I have always loved "old things". They don't have to be antiques....just have a story. I love old metal and wood. I love imperfections..dings and dents and chippy paint. Over the years that "style" has been called everything from primitive to shabby chic....country to cottage...but, the fact of the matter is...my style...is MY style. I don't think it falls into any, particular, category....and I think that's the way it should be!! But...my style has changed....sort of.

Our house is an old farmhouse...and, when we first moved in, I was determined to make it look "authentic". I wanted the colors to be "old"...the curtains to look "period"...I stenciled and collected the "right" kinds of "country" decorations. Somewhere along the line, however, I realized that a lot of the things I loved...didn't, necessarily, fit into the "authentic" look...and I, also, realized....that it didn't matter!! I love illustrations from old children's books, gardening stuff...like watering cans and children's gardening tools. I love quilts and vintage kitchen stuff....but I, also, love fiestaware and birdhouses, crows and beeskeps, and all kinds of "re-purposed" stuff. The key, here, is that I LOVE everything that makes our house...our home...and that's why it works!!

I don't try to make anything "authentic" anymore...I just pick up whatever catches my eye. Sometimes it's old (more often than not!!) sometimes it's brand new....but, always, without fail...it's something I love and, because of that, I know it will fit right in!!

I am on a burlap kick, right now...(actually, I was into burlap BEFORE it was cool) I bought several different style curtains for a couple of the bedrooms upstairs. It looks awesome (so much so that I think I am going to start to carry curtains!! I will keep you informed!!) and they work, really well, with that new paint color on the wall!! We picked up an old screen door...my husband is going to build a cabinet and use it as the door!! I, also, have funnels (like the ones in the top picture...) that we have been collecting to use for lighting. Maybe inside....maybe outside!!! Oh.....the list goes on and on!!!

Some people think of Spring and Summer as time to  relax...I think of it as time to accomplish!! I mean...the days are longer for a reason...right?? Surely it's so that we can make our home...even sweeter!!

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