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Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Gardening Season"...a new Holiday!!!

Happy May!!!!

Is it time yet...huh...is it?? Is it time??

I have decided....especially with the Winter (and, frankly, the Spring?!?) we have had...that "gardening season" is an official Holiday!!

I have talked, before, about how much I love the Holidays...all of them...but, right now anyway, THIS one is my favorite!!

We took a "Me Day", on Monday, and poked around a few new (for us) garden centers and antique stores. I found some terrific inspiration...and I am even more excited to get this season rolling than I was before!! Our "plant out" date cannot come fast enough for me!!

Just a reminder....for all of you who share this "passion" (get it?? hahahaha.....) with me....make sure you come in and check out the shops at Sweet Memories FIRST....because we have all kinds of garden-y treasures for inside AND out!! Garden markers (all kinds!!!) wonderful stuff for that fairy garden, hummingbird feeders, birdhouses, cast iron critters, gnomes, rain gauges, mushrooms, oil lights....and so on and so on!!

When you are done shopping....and your arms are full of amazing finds...come and find me!! I would be more than happy to tell you which greenhouses, garden centers, antique shops (and even other "shop" shops) to visit!! These are the kinds of things we need to share...and I am more than happy to spread the gardening bug!!

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