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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I don't know about you...but I can't believe it is almost July!! It seemed as though we would NEVER leave Winter behind...and here we are at July's doorstep!! Well....time flies!!

July is the month that Summer really gets in full swing. It is the month that we sit back and enjoy. It is full of picnics, vacations and fun in the sun!! It is the month of fireworks and celebrations....and even a little bit of Christmas!!

And....on all of those notes...I have a few announcements to make!!

First of all....all of you "regulars" know that we, usually, take a little time off somewhere around the 4th of July. You have been calling to find out when we will be closed, this year...so I thought I would make an "official" announcement. We are going to be closed the 4th and the 5th....Friday (sorry all of you "Friday Night Regulars"!!!!) and Saturday...but then we will be back to serve Sunday Brunch to finish off the Holiday weekend!!! Friday Night Gang....make a reservation and come in on Sunday...If you all come at the same time...it will, almost, be the same!!!

Okay...second announcement!! We are, momentarily, going to be awarded ANOTHER "Best Lunch" award by another magazine!! Both of these honors were bestowed upon us by YOU....you guys were the ones who voted and we just can't thank you enough!! I just wish there were some way that I could show my appreciation!! Oh wait....

Announcement number three....We are going to celebrate!!! I don't know if all of you are aware of this...but we will be starting our 20th year, next month!!! If you don't believe me....just ask to see the picture of my daughters sitting on the front porch...and then take a look at them now!! So....HOW are we going to celebrate?? Christmas in July!!!

Now...just what does that mean?? Well....we are NOT going to decorate or play Christmas music (although I really, REALLY want to!!!!) We are going to give back...and have a sale or two! I know there are a lot of you who DO your Christmas shopping during the Summer...I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had, recently, about this!! So....for you guys....this will give you the opportunity to find some wonderful gifts and save a little money!! I, also, know there are a lot of you who want lots and lots of our "gift shop treasures" for yourself!! So...this will give YOU the opportunity to find some wonderful "me gifts" and save a little money!!!!

So, basically, it's not the "normal" Christmas in July. It's more like the real thing!! We just want to say "thank you"!! Thank you for the accolades...the awards...the compliments...the friendships...and your continued business!! Thank you all for being so wonderful to my family and I....and for making Sweet Memories the success it is!!

I wanted to have some fun with this....so I am going to put different things on sale each week!! And not the "I want to get rid of it" stuff....we are talking the "good stuff"....wait....I hope you think it is ALL the good stuff!!!! But you know what I mean!! I will keep you posted...so stay tuned!! Oh...and you might want to keep some of your July calendar clear....you don't want to miss anything!!

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